Stay Golden, Betty White


Kim Elaschuk
News Editor

An open letter to Betty White, 

       Don’t change a thing. 

       Sincerely, Me


White is currently experiencing the biggest boom in her career since the eighties. Right now, I’m pretty sure that there is some contract, somewhere, that states she must be in every comedy put out this year. Every one that matters, at least.


And it all started with Facebook, a medium that White herself joked was “a complete waste of time.”


As a long time owner of Golden Girls DVD box sets, seasons one through eight, I

couldn’t be happier. But White hasn’t changed, so why the sudden popularity?


It could be that she harkens back to a different time: a time when looks and talent somehow mixed together in one package naturally. There was no need to decide which one you found more important, and fill in the blanks of the other.


What I prefer is, as a culture, we are finally giving credit where credit is due.


White is getting older. She’s the last living Golden Girl. And, maybe, this attention is the one time when our society is on the ball quickly enough to honour a living legend. Most times, we’re thinking back in memorial


I find it encouraging. White has been working in the entertainment industry, in one capacity or another, for over seventy years. She’s created some of the most memorable TV characters that we’ve ever let into our living rooms. From The Betty White Show to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and, yes, The Golden Girls, she has worked hard to consistently produce a quality product time and time again.


And maybe that’s the secret. White is in the middle of a comeback simply because no one deserves it more.


So, thanks for being a friend, Betty White.


  1. Chelsea 5 October, 2010 at 06:57

    I have a minor bone to pick with this article's structure. I like that it is in letter form, but there needs to be continuity with this idea. it should be addressed directly to Betty White. 
    Signed, one of many grammar freaks!

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