Katy Perry is evicted from Sesame Street


Cheyenne Geysen
Op-Ed Editor

Katy Perry was hot and then cold, told yes and then no – by the creators of Sesame Street, no less.


Actually, being cold was apparently not the problem.


Perry appeared on the children’s program earlier this month. Her skit with Elmo, which featured her singing a “children’s” version of her smash hit “Hot N’ Cold” was cut from the show due to her barely-there dress.


I heard a spirited debate on the radio one morning about whether or not children who watch Sesame Street are even old enough to comprehend cleavage. It’s a good question, really – one I am not at all qualified to answer because I do not have children, and do not plan to have any time soon.


When I watched the skit on YouTube, I thought to myself, “What the hell? Why the eff does Katy Perry need to validate herself by dancing around like an idiot with a puppet? What child is going to appreciate this?”


And those are still my questions. I once had some degree of respect for Perry, if only because I read a killer interview of hers in Cosmopolitan (which is right up there with the Gospel of John).


When I heard she was going to be on Sesame Street, I figured she wanted to have a hand in educating children. Or entertaining them; one of the two. But when I saw her skit I realized she accomplished neither one of those things.


I’m afraid this gig will start an awful, awful trend. The next thing you know Gaga Lou will be making appearances on Handy Manny. Ke$ha will make a “child friendly” remix of “Tik-Tok.”


Thank goodness Mr. Dressup will forever remain untouched by today’s “entertainers” – grown women who sing about kissing girls, partying, and poker faces. Maybe that’s what the 17- to 25-year-old demographic they’re aimed at wants to hear, but our children are in no way being educated or entertained by these antics.


I give kudos to Sesame Street for refusing to air the skit, even though I really have no authority to do so because, as I previously stated, children aren’t in my short or long-term plans.


But wait! Apparently Elmo was so enthralled by Miss Katy that he invited her back to the show.


I cannot wait to see what she’ll do next.


That must be how you know you’ve made it. Being invited to appear on a children’s show by a puppet is totes rad.

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