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An update on The Carillon's Movember competition

Julia Dima's leg
Dietrich Neu
Paul Bogdan
Neil Adams
Edward Dodd

How’s the mustache coming?
Dietrich Neu:
About what I expected.
Ed Dodd: I’m a little surprised, a little bit proud, but also disappointed in comparison to Neil.
Neil Adams: unevenly.
Paul Bogdan: It’s good, but I don’t know if I’m legally allowed to be within 100 yards of an elementary school with this thing.
Julia Dima: It’s past itchy, and it’s proceeded to feel like I’m wearing long socks in the shower.

How do you feel about your competitors’ staches?
Neil looks pretty scary. The rest of us look like we’re just neglecting our personal hygiene.
ED: Well, I suspect that Paul has been dying his. Dietrich’s is not terribly impressive. Julia’s is also not terribly impressive. I can tell at this point, it’s coming down to me and Neil.
NA: Paul’s is looking good. Dietrich’s is kind of lazy… he has a lazy mustache. (Dietrich Neu did not deny these comments)
PB: Neil’s handlebar is looking pretty badass. I’m just happy I’m not losing to Julia’s leg hair.
JD: Paul’s is ugly; Dietrich’s is ugly; Ed’s is ugly; Neil’s is ugly.

Have your predictions changed for who’s going to win?
Yeah, Neil’s gonna win.
ED: No, I can see at this point I’m going to have to kill Neil if I want to win.
NA: No, not at all. I am definitely going to win. There’s no question at this point.
PB: Nope. I’m still going to win.
JD: Neil’s going to crush us.

You can vote for your favourite stache by sending an email to or by stopping by the Carillon office in room 227 in Riddell Centre. Votes cost $1, and all proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

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