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Neil Adams
Ed Dodd
Dietrich Neu
Julia Dima's leg
Paul Bogdan

1. It's the end of the hairy journey through November. How pleased are you with your mustache?

Ed Dodd: I'm surprised that I did so well. It might not be the most glorious mustache ever, but it's a personal best. I'll take it!
Neil Adams: Quite pleased. Its like an old bicycle and a monster truck rally had a baby on my face.
Dietrich Neu: Considering that Edward Dodd has rigged the voting by getting his mom to vote for him repeatedly, I can sleep easy know every vote for Dietrich Neu was a legitimate vote. I can feel proud about my honest effort in this competition. [Ed–Dietrich’s mom actually voted for him too. In fact, his only votes came from his mom]
Julia Dima: Extremely displeased. It stopped growing. My eastern-European roots have failed me.
Paul Bogdan: Well some dude handed me a razor as I walked into Riddell today, so I guess that means it was a success?

2. Do you plan to keep your facial hair, or is it coming off as soon as this month is done?

ED: As soon as Dec. 1 rolls around, I am getting rid of it. My partner loathes it. Even though he said it's growing on him, I don't think he'd let me keep it.
NA: Well, the girlfriend isn’t giving me too much flak about it, so it just might stick around until Christmas.
DN: I would rather shove my dick in a lawnmower than go back to shaving on a regular basis.
JD: I have a feeling I should shave because I’m seriously losing my boyfriend’s attraction.
PB: I’ve accepted defeat and have already begun to assimilate it back into the beard, which I’m fine with. My face was way too damn cold this November.

3. Who had the best mustache and explain your reasoning?

ED: I would say that my mustache is the best. It's modest, unimposing, and humble compared to Niel's handlebar brag and Paul's stupid mustache. And Dietrich's stupid mustache. And Julia's stupid leg. They're all stupid. I'm not jealous.
NA: Paul’s moustache can't decide whether to throw me into the back of a van full of men in berets and turtle necks or give me an atomic leg drop. He’s a dangerous revolutionary, and Hulkamania is running wild.
DN: Neil had the most bad-ass stache by far
JD: Neil because that thing has more testosterone in it than any of the other guys in the competition.
PB: Mine because I didn’t know it was even possible to grow a mustache repulsively powerful enough to destroy my narcissism and gross me out from my own reflection.

You can vote for your favourite stache by sending an email to or by stopping by the Carillon office in room 227 in Riddell. Votes cost $1, and all proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

One in seven Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is the most common cancer among Canadian men. In 2012, roughly 26,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. That works out to about 73 people diagnosed per day. 11 people die from prostate cancer every day in Canada.

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