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Could the Toronto Maple Leafs actually see playoff action this year?

Braden Dupuis, Paige Kreutzwieser, Britton Gray, Kris Klein

After graduating 20 players, the Regina Rams have received 12 letters of intent from new recruits. However, head coach Frank McCrystal refuses to call it a “rebuilding year”, what do you think next season will be like for the Green and Gold?

Dupuis: Frank may not want to call it a rebuilding year, but any time you lose 20 vets, one of whom is your all-star starting quarterback, you’re in for a tough season. It’s possible the young blood springs some surprises on the Rams faithful next year, but I’m not putting money on a second consecutive trip to the Hardy.

Kreutzwieser: Well, seeing as whenever I went and watched the Rams play they won their games, I think their season next year really depends on whether or not I go and watch. They got it next year; I’m not too worried.

Gray: Well, I think it will be difficult for them to continue their recent success, especially since there are so many key people leaving the program. If they can focus and get some great play from their new recruits, it is possible for them to continue succeeding.

Klein: It is going to be a tough year for the Rams. I don’t care what team you are, if you lose 20 players in the off-season, it is a rebuilding year. However, give these up-and-coming players 2-3 years and the Rams will be tough to beat.

After scoring his first NHL goal, Edmonton Oilers rookie Nail Yakupov had a rather extended celebration following the game-tying goal. Do you think his celebration was too over the top?

Dupuis: I was watching Sports Centre drunk the night this happened, and I felt like someone was playing a hilarious joke on me. Yakupov’s way-over-the-top celebration, Scrivens pouting and Katie Couric interviewing Manti Te’o made it all feel extremely over-dramatic and tabloidish, almost to the point of parody. Then they announced the newly redubbed New Orleans Pelicans and I quit sports forever.

Kreutzwieser: At first I didn’t think much of it. Then, bam, it’s like the hockey world went super xenophobic and brought his Russianness into it. Not cool hockey fans, not cool. I think less than 10 seconds left justifies this, but apparently Canadian and American players are more civilized.

Gray: No, I think the bigger the celly is, the better it is. The man tied the game with 4.7 seconds left and I imagine he was feeling pretty damn good about himself and just couldn’t control himself. Sure, he kind of ditched his team but I think they will forget about that.

Klein: I’m pretty sure Don Cherry almost had an aneurysm when that happened. But people have got to remember that he is a young kid living in the moment. If I scored a goal with 1.4 seconds left to tie it, I would pretty much do every celebration in the book in front of the opposing teams bench thus sparking a bench brawl.

Although the Saskatchewan Roughriders originally claimed they weren’t interested in signing Geroy Simon, the 37-year old will be suiting up with the Green and White this season. What are your thoughts on the trade?

Dupuis: I’ve heard plenty of criticism about the trade, but in the end I’d have to say I disagree. Geroy may be old, but he’s one of the best receivers to ever play in the CFL. At the very least, he’s an upgrade over greasy-hands Getzlaf, and if there’s even the slightest chance he can help the Riders to the Grey Cup at home (and there is), why not bring him in?

Kreutzwieser: Pretty darn cool if you ask me. Riderville’s got some swag coming our way. I have yet to get myself a real Rider jersey; however, this year I might just splurge on a Superman one.

Gray: I think the Riders got a hell of a deal, considering they sent barely anything over to the Lions to get him. It will immediately get pressure off of Dressler which means that he should be in for a big season. Can’t wait to see him do a Superman pose in a Rider uniform.

Klein: I think it’s a pretty good deal for the Riders. They get depth at the receiver position and a legit playmaker that’s been there before. People may say that he is too old, but look at Ray Lewis and what he is doing right now. And we gave BC nothing in return for him so I say it’s a steal in my book but only time will tell.

With the NHL back in action the Toronto Maple Leafs currently hold a 2-2 record, including a win against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Could this be the year the Leafs finally make the playoffs?

Dupuis: It pains me to say it, but I have a feeling that this could be the year the Leafs end their seven-year drought. With the short schedule, it’s not hard to imagine the Leafs sneaking in as the seventh or eighth seed. That being said, the Habs fan in me wants to see them continue to fail miserably for all of eternity, so my fingers are crossed for that.

Kreutzwieser: I may not know a lot about hockey but I know the Leafs suck. My Dad believes their year is 2017, with a 50-year anniversary winning of the cup, so I’ll wait until then to place any bets.

Gray: At 2-2, the Leafs are working on a .500 record and that still won’t be enough to get them into the playoffs. Plus, if they do, what happens to all those Leaf jokes that we get to make? It’s a Canadian tradition for the Leafs to miss the playoffs and that can’t stop now.

Klein: If they play Ben Scrivens, they will win the Stanley Cup, Spangler Cup, the KHL’s cup, Memorial Cup and Olympic Goal Medal this season.

The match up has been set for Super Bowl XLVII as the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Baltimore Ravens. With the big game just 8 days away, who is your pick to win the Super Bowl and what is your score prediction? 

Dupuis: Football is cool and all, but all the hip cats know Super Bowl XLVII is really all about DC. Beyonce’s “Bootylicious” bod will have the Superdome “Jumpin, Jumpin” like it’s nobody’s business! Oh yeah, and the other two will be there too. Final score: Destiny’s Child 3; planet Earth 0.

Kreutzwieser: I would love to see the Ravens win. If you haven’t seen the Ray Lewis SNL skit, go watch it, and if it doesn’t change your mind then you have a cold heart. “Nothing gonna keep Ray Lewis down!” And I have faith in Princess the camel, so I think Ravens will take it 24-21.

Gray: I think that the 49ers are the better team, but the Ravens are more motivated. In the end, Lewis gets his second ring, Flacco becomes elite and John Harbaugh proves the oldest brother knows best. Ravens win 35-28 on a late game pass from Joe Flacco.

Klein: Ray Lewis and the Ravens all day just because Lewis will go out on top as a champion.

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