Sports Roundtable – The Riders are in the Grey Cup, nothing else matters


Let the face-off begin /Arthur Ward

The Riders are in the Grey Cup, nothing else matters

Participants: Michael Chmielewski, Taylor Sockett, Brady Lang, Autumn McDowell

Many of you have admitted in the past that you do not attend Cougars games regularly. Has this changed at all this season?

Chmielewski: I’ve never been to a Cougars or Rams game here actually, and no it hasn’t. That being said, I encourage everyone to fully, blindly, and unabashedly support Cougar’s sports. Drop your classes, quit your jobs, ignore your family, and come out to a game! It’s your duty as a U of R student, and should be your first priority.

Sockett: It has been brought to my attention that I lack “school spirit” despite the fact that I go to nearly every home hockey game. But to appease my Twitter haters, I will be making an effort to attend even more Cougars events. After all, it’s free to get in, so I’m sure there’s something worse I could do with my time.

Lang: Not overly, I have attended some hockey games because who wouldn’t want to go to the rink regularly?

McDowell: I actually attend the games quite regularly. I have frequently been seen braving the cold at the Rams games, anxiously hoping to win a chip hamper at basketball games and tipping back a few tall ones at the hockey games.  I think the only sporting event I haven’t attended is a swim meet, but since we only host one and it is directly in the middle of finals, I can’t be held responsible for that.

What has been your favourite Roughriders moment from this season so far?

Chmielewski: As bad as this may sound, I haven’t watched a game yet. I’m not being sarcastic either. It seriously sucks.

Sockett: Last week in the forth quarter during a game where it looked like we might lose, Dwight Anderson had a hit that should be recognized as the turning point. Anderson obliterated the B.C. receiver, forcing the Lions to punt. After that Durant did the rest.

Lang: Honestly, this season has been a blur since the opening game against Calgary. I’m waiting out until Grey Cup 101 to answer this question.

McDowell: That’s a tough one. While I think my favourite moment will be rushing the field after we win the Grey Cup on Sunday and celebrating with the entire province, so far my favourite moment has to be attending the Labour Day Classic via party bus.

With just over one week until the big game, will you be attending the Grey Cup in Regina on Nov. 24th?

Chmielewski: Unfortunately no, but my plan is to go watch it in a bar somewhere if at all possible, but it probably won’t happen.

Sockett: No, I’ll be drunk and warm in the comfort of my own or one of my friends houses.

Lang: I will not be at the game, but I’m just waiting for the craziness on Albert St. post game.

McDowell: Yes, I will. I will be one of the lucky ones in the press box, not freezing my ass off, in fact. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and although I will have to remain sober and try and contain my cheering, I couldn’t pass it up. Right now, my main concern is how I am going to make it to Albert Street post game to join the mob of screaming and drunken fans.

Do you think that former first overall draft pick Nail Yakupov will be traded by the Edmonton Oilers this season?

Chmielewski: It’s hard to tell. I think, for a 20-year-old, someone my age, that’s a lot of pressure. I don’t know really, but I hope it works out well for him. By the way, I just got NHL 14, which is pretty cool.

Sockett: Who cares, for one the Oilers suck so bad; two he’s an unproven rookie. Yakupov should sit down on the bench, shut the fuck up, and earn his ice time like every other player who’s ever laced up the skates.

Lang: Honestly, Yakupov needs to be sent to the AHL, he needs to be taught some professionalism and also how to play defence. He will be traded to somewhere like Florida and possibly fall off the face of the Earth, Kovalchuk part two.

McDowell: It’s hard to say, but I am going to go with yes. The team recently traded possibly their best defenseman – which isn’t saying much – in Smid and brought in nutcase Bryzgalov, so who knows what they will do. But, let’s be honest, he hasn’t been producing the way a No. 1 draft pick should be and as a result he should be traded while the Oilers could still get something decent for him, otherwise he’ll end up in the KHL shortly.

Tampa Bay Lighting star forward Steven Stamkos recently broke his tibia during a game after crashing into the net. What effect will this have on the Lightning’s season?

Chmielewski: Apparently he might not make the Olympics, which really sucks. I can’t be sure about the effect on the Lighting. So in place of a thoughtful answer, I’ll remind you that I just got NHL 14 and my brother beat me in a best of three series. It hurt.

Sockett: Well the Lighting were horrible last season with Stamkos, so they can’t be any better off without him. I think we’re ignoring a conspiracy here. In the Coke Zero commercial, Stamkos was traded by his own father, perhaps his dad knew that Steven has weak tibiae.

Lang: I’m not worried about the Lightning; all I’m worrying about is Team Canada in Sochi for the Olympics.

McDowell: The Lightning might as well throw in the towel, wave the white flag and have the fat lady sing all at once, because they are done for. I mean, the team was awful with Stamkos on their roster, imagine what little they will accomplish without him? I like Tampa Bay, but this isn’t going to be pretty. Also, I think I speak for everyone when I say that my hopes of Team Canada gold have been dashed slightly. Maybe if he would have tried to get up a third time on his broken leg, it would have worked.

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