The power of true love’s kiss

L-R: Lucy Hill, Agnes Tong, and Judy Wensel

L-R: Lucy Hill, Agnes Tong, and Judy Wensel

Sleeping Beauty rests on the main stage

Article: Destiny Kaus – A&C Writer

What’s better than finishing up end-of-the-year projects and studying for finals? Watching Sleeping Beauty at the Globe Theatre! After four full weeks of practice and rehearsal, this spellbinding production will hit the Globe’s stage on Nov. 20 and run until Dec. 29. Personally, I plan on taking in this spectacle, not only to get a much needed break from my academic endeavors, but also to sincerely absorb the whole theatrical experience and immerse myself in the ever-so-enjoyable story that I heard time and time again when I was a child.

The Globe Theatre’s interpretation of Sleeping Beauty replicates the classic fairy-tale; it will transport the audience from the human world to the land of the dead, and, finally, to fairyland.

According to Globe Theatre, as the story goes, the royal fairy family and the royal human family have their issues. Both the Queen of the fairies (Maeve) and the Queen of the humans (Adela) cannot have children. This royally sucks. So, Adela sets out on a journey through the land of the dead and into fairyland to get help from Maeve’s evil sister Malefia. Why Adela seeks help from a devilish woman, I do not know, but it works.

Adela soon gives birth to a beautiful baby girl and names her Rosetta (AKA Sleeping Beauty). Like any evil sister would, Malefia comes back into the picture once again to wreak havoc on this poor little child. During the celebration of Rosetta’s birth, Malefia casts an evil spell upon her. On the night of her sixteenth birthday, Princess Rosetta will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. The only way this spell will be broken is with true love’s first kiss. Oh the suspense! Oh the romance! All the makings for a great play.

Agnes Tong, who plays Princess Rosetta, makes her debut performance for the Globe Theatre in Sleeping Beauty.

“[Princess Rosetta] is a rough and tough tomboy,” Tong says. “She’s independent … she hunts and she fends for herself … she has a good head on her shoulders.”

Clearly, Princess Rosetta is not the typical Disney princess who flaunts countless ball gowns in attempts to attract the most handsome prince. She likes to live on the edge, experience life, and think rationally.

Tong has never performed “in the round” before (performing on a round stage completely encircled by audience seating). Thus, instead of only having to worry about one or two entrances for characters, Tong and the other actors must deal with four different entrances. I feel as though if I were placed in this situation, I would get lost or deeply screw up my stage instructions. Props to these actors! Additionally, show biz has other challenges.

Tong says, “There are a lot of scene changes … and changes in costumes.”

She explains how some actors have a mere 50 seconds to change from a human world costume into an excessively elaborate fairy costume complete with wings.

This impresses me to the nth degree. Heck, I sometimes struggle to change my normal, everyday clothes in 10 minutes let alone 50 seconds.

Though the Sleeping Beauty crew will start official performances on Nov. 20, they have already performed various dress rehearsals and preview shows in front of a few schools. According to Tong, this play was definitely a hit for the kids. Children watched with bated breath, and cheers filled the theatre. All in all, Tong hopes that children and adults alike will thoroughly enjoy the show.

“I want everyone to have a good time.”

Personally, I believe a good time will be had by all. What’s there not to like about a classic fairy-tale getting reproduced on the main stage of the Globe Theatre?

To add to the storyline, Sleeping Beauty has a ton of technical elements, such as lights and special effects that will enhance the already magical fairyland set. As audience members will file into their seats, they will be surrounded by a mystical land with a canopy of forest hanging overhead.

I believe this breath-taking set and impeccable story will come together seamlessly to tackle the age-old battle between good and evil. In the end, who will prevail?

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