Sports Roundtable – Sept. 6


Someone should tell L.A. residents that they won the Stanley Cup this year

Braden Dupuis, Jhett Folk, Colton Hordichuk, Kris Klein

What was your favourite sports moment from summer 2012?

Dupuis: The Olympics include like 2,000 great moments over the course of two weeks, many of which are totally inspiring and uplifting. Those aren’t my favourite moments. The best sports moments from the summer involved the internet making a hilarious massacre of the 2012 games through fails, photoshops and outright twitter mockery. Never change, internet.

Folk: My favourite sports moment of the summer would have to be the Canucks signing of Cory Schneider. Of course, I’m a little biased here because I am a Vancouver fan, but I thought it was a rather momentous signing this off-season. The league could very well be seeing another face (Schneider) competing for a Vezina in the coming season.

Hordichuk: Hands down, the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup – if I can count this as a summer moment. The first eighth place seed to ever win the cup, Jonathon Quick with an outstanding post-season performance in net and Dustin Brown rising up as a captain after all of the trade rumors circulating around him, and many other story lines.  This team really earned their name engraved on that trophy. 

Klein: Favorite sports moment of the summer has to be the Syracuse Bulldogs beating Matt Strueby and his team for the D division ASHL championship. I would like to thank all of the five fans that came out this season…

Do you think Rams quarterback Marc Mueller will be able to bounce back this year after missing last season due to a shoulder injury?

Dupuis: I predict M & M will bounce back like it’s nobody’s business. In his final year of CIS competition, he’ll channel grandpa Lancaster and break every record known to man. Or get injured in the first game, whatever.

Folk: He’s got an opportunity to not only be a ‘come out of nowhere’ star in the CIS, but also to make his team a ‘come out of nowhere’ squad. His play will strongly dictate the outcome of the Rams season this year, so if he can come out strong, the Rams could be one hell of a team to be reckoned with. As far as my opinion goes on whether he can pull it off or not, well I’d have to say I’m more than sure he can bring his A game this year.

Hordichuk: Remaining optimistic here. Any athlete can bounce back from an injury. In relation, although I’m no Marc Mueller, I dislocated my shoulder playing hockey two years ago, and this year I’ve made a full comeback, and I’m nowhere near as tough as he is. So hell, why can’t he, right?

Klein: From my understanding, this is the year the Rams need to make some noise in the CIS with most of their starters leaving after this season. To be honest, he can’t play much worse than Durant is at this point, so he should be fine.

The Regina Red Sox have won back-to-back WMLB championships, did you follow the team at all this season?

Dupuis: Being away from Regina for the past nine months means no, I sure didn’t. And even if I had been around, I doubt I would have. Baseball isn’t my thing. Aren’t 90 per cent of their starters from the States or something? Never mind, I don’t care.

Folk: Unfortunately, I did not follow them. I’m originally from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, and after the end of second semester last year, I went back for the summer. It is not that the Red Sox story does not intrigue me, but if I were to follow a team in the WMLB, it would be my Weyburn Beavers.

Hordichuk: Not as much as I should have, but more than other years. I’m really going to focus on following as much local sports as I possibly can this year, especially the Red Sox. Plus, I heard the hot dogs at the games are so amazing, they even announce it on the intercom. Mmmmm, beer and hot dogs. Why can’t the Red Sox be playing now? I’d go to the games just for supper. 

Klein: Well I would like to thank my job at Coca Cola for not letting me go to any games this year. “Open Happiness,” my ass. I’m going to open up a can of whoop ass and burn that place to the ground.

"Honestly, waiting to hear if there will be another lockout is like waiting for your STI results." – Braden Dupuis

Who should be held accountable for the Riders dismal August?

Dupuis: The other teams. How dare they come into games against the Riders and have the nerve to play football for 60 full minutes? Don’t they know that when one team is winning with ten minutes left, football courtesy dictates that the other team forfeit? Goddamn savages.

Folk: I’m not the type of guy to point fingers at one specific guy. However, I am the type of guy to point fingers if multiple people are at fault. Darian Durant has been an absolute non-factor on the field. Receivers such as Getzlaf have made a habit of dropping passes. Don’t even get me started on the defense. There’s a lot of holes in that team and I think it’s that point in the season where the Riders either need to put up or shut up.

Hordichuk: I think people forget that we’re a young team with a whole new staff. It’s a learning process. It’s that simple. In sports, there’s ups and downs. Here’s our down; now it’s time to learn how to rise up to the occasion.

Klein: Offence for sure. When you only have two guys on offence that can make plays (Sheets and Dressler), it’s pretty hard to score points. Some might say, “What about Getzalf? He’s a good receiver!” And I say to that: the guy couldn’t catch a beach ball. Seriously, versus Calgary, I saw a 10 year old take off his Getzalf jersey and throw it into the stands after Butterfingers dropped another ball.

With the threat of an NHL lockout looming, how will you spend your winter?

Dupuis: Honestly, waiting to hear if there will be another lockout is like waiting for your STI results. You really want to know the answer, but you’re not optimistic about what that answer’s going to be. In all seriousness, I’ll pass the time by destroying the competition in EA’s NHL 13, and carrying my Habs to cup 25 (cause they sure as hell aren’t going to do it in real life).

Folk: Four simple words: The National Football League. Last season for me was a wash as a Colts fan, due to an injured Manning. Since then, we’ve gained one of the most coveted prospects in all of football. I will be keeping a close eye on my Colts as well as our new QB Andrew Luck, all winter long.

Hordichuk: As mentioned earlier in the roundtable, I’ll be playing hockey myself. Also, if there’s no NHL, I’ll definitely be following the NFL a whole lot closer this year than previous years. I just can’t go without watching sports!

Klein: Well considering Gary Bettman’s bargaining is softer than McDowell’s promise to follow up on bets I’d say the season is fucked. That’s right, McDowell, you still owe me shots for when the Flyers booted out the Pens! So, this winter I have decided to take up hunting and go find Bettman if there is a lock out. Who’s with me?

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