Efficient modes of transport for Rider games

Inside an empty bus
If you’re on a bus this empty after the Rider game, you took the wrong bus Inside an empty bus

For the sake of the thousands of people trying to get to the stadium at the same time, transit is important

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are back in action and undefeated. With fans back in Mosaic Stadium and no Covid restrictions, it was able to sell out for the team’s home opener, meaning about bout 33,000 fans had to find a way to get to the game. 

For the sake of the thousands of people trying to get to the stadium at the same time, transit is important. There are several different types of transit used for game day. A more popular option is to take the different bus routes that are offered, which the Roughriders have specialized for the games. The Roughrider transit is free for anyone who has a ticket. All they have to do to get entry on to the bus is show the driver their ticket.

There are currently eight locations which the buses drive back and forth from. The buses run continuously to and from the several locations, depart 30 minutes before kickoff, and return to the drop off locations at the start of the fourth quarter. They continue to operate the shuttle for one hour after the game. Current locations include:

-Southland Mall

-University of Regina (Lot 2)

-Eastbound Saskatchewan Dr. at Hamilton

-Westbound Victoria Ave. at Scarth St.

-Northbound Albert St. at 9th

-Dewdney Ave. at Scarth St.

-Dewdney Ave. at Lorne St.

-6th Ave. at Hamilton

Fans who live in Saskatoon do not have to worry about transit either, because the Engelheim chartered bus takes riders from Saskatoon to Regina and then back after the game. The Game Day Express will drop off at the stadium one hour before kickoff, and costs $50.00 per game. The chartered bus takes off from Circle Centre Mall three and a half hours before kickoff – right in front of the Co-op Grocery Store. Then, it arrives and leaves at Princess St. and 9th Ave in Regina.

The bike valet is also an option for those who live in Regina and wish to attend home games. Bike valet is completely free but can only accommodate non-motorized bikes. The safely secured drop off opens two hours before the gates open at Mosaic Stadium.

In order to assure the bike’s safety, there are a few steps. First, the rider has to bring their bike to the drop off location at the south end of Confederation Park. Second, they pick up a claim ticket from the attendants. Third, the rider must pick up their bike within one hour after the game has ended. If the rider fails to do so, the bike will be put into storage for one week, and if the bike is not picked up in this one week period, it will be donated.


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