Sports Roundtable – Reminiscing about Grey Cup 101



Participants: Taylor Sockett, Brady Lang, Paige Kreutzwieser, Michael Chmielewski, Kyle Leitch, Shaadie Musleh, Autumn McDowell

Which Saskatchewan Roughrider would you most want to have a beer with and why?

Sockett: Kory Sheets. Any time you can have a beer with a guy who made Grey Cup history, you don’t ask questions. You just do it.

Lang: Without a doubt, Dwight Anderson. It seems like he could tell me stories that I could be hooked on his every word.

Kreutzwieser: This may come as a shock, but I’d even pass up on having a beer if it meant Dressler taking me to Humptys. Why? Because they have the most amazing pan scramblers in the world and I feel he gets a discount of some sort. Win win for both of us.

Chmielewski: After having thrown the greatest stiff arm I’ve ever seen, it’d have to be Kory Sheets. The dude is a machine. I’d buy him a beer.

Leitch:  Gainer. I want to be in the surreal situation where I’m having a highball with a gigantic gopher.

Musleh: Darian Durant; I want to know what he meant when he said “All of those people that criticize me know what they can do.” What can they do?!

McDowell: That’s a tough one, after watching the players drink out of the Cup while smoking cigars; they looked so badass, I would feel inadequate next to any of them. But, if I had to pick, I’d go with my boy, Paul Woldu, because I know that he’s actually nice and not a douche.

Did you take part in any of the Grey Cup festivities in and around Regina this week?

Sockett: I spontaneously went with my lady friend to Big and Rich. Big and Rich were good; however, I could have done without the two hours of shitty opening acts, not to mention the horrible DJ who was on for a half an hour.

Lang: I went to Big and Rich because who wouldn’t want to go to a show by them? They were insane and put on a great show.

Kreutzwieser: I hope to stumble into the university Monday morning. Sufficient enough answer to what I’ll be doing this weekend? Edit: I didn’t even make it to school Monday, so yeah, that tells you how my weekend was.

Chmielewski: No, I didn’t. I stayed home, watched the game, drank some beer and then tried to finish homework. I wish I had time to go down and celebrate in town (I live out of town), it looked like a lot of fun.

Leitch: I did not. I stayed home, and watched a choppy TSN feed of the game before editing an entire semester’s worth of film projects.

Musleh: I did. My lawyers advised me not to say anything further.

McDowell: As a matter of fact, I did. I was at the coach’s press conference, the player awards and the game, obviously. I also found myself at Big and Rich, during which my friend got his foot stuck in a chair for an awkwardly long time. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

After this season, do you still think Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive back Dwight Anderson deserves the title of the CFL’s biggest trash talker?

Sockett: Dwight Anderson is awesome. The guy has a big mouth, but he backs it up time and time again. And, Dwight, I agree with you. Calgary sucks.

Lang: Yes, without a doubt. “DA” knows how to irritate players and he was definitely a big part of Grey Cup 101.

Kreutzwieser: I think that is a fair statement, but I also think we can’t forget about Double D. and his amazing Twitter trash talk.

Chmielewski:  I do. Maybe he’ll win some fighting award someday or something. I wonder how their court case will work out…

Leitch: I think we need “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart to become the Roughrider’s mouthpiece. He will sweep the awards every year, plus we’ll get sweet Riders-themed airbrushed suits.

Musleh: No. Rider Nation is the biggest trash-talker in the CFL. Even after the game, there were people criticizing the team.

McDowell: Definitely. Realistically, I can’t think of anyone that would ever come close. Maybe @ZuckRightOff, but that’s a stretch.

greycup-11The CFL award winners were announced last Thursday. Did any of the winners surprise you?

Sockett: Not overly, I’m thrilled for Rams Alumnus Brett Jones for winning rookie of the year, despite playing for our archrivals. I can say that the whole province is really proud of you. Brett’s a class player and a great representative of our school.

Lang:  Not at all. Brett Jones and Brendon Labatte won, so who really cares with the other awards?

Kreutzwieser: None were really a surprise other than Cornish being the most outstanding. But, that is just because I don’t think anyone who flashes their ass on purpose – in any season – deserves be to considered most outstanding.

Chmielewski: Not particularly. The winners were pretty much who I expected. Congrats to them.

Leitch: I think what’s more surprising is that Don Cherry didn’t come up out of the floor like Gangrel and fucking fistfight Jon Cornish over that damn suit that he was wearing. That would have made for an awards show.

Musleh: Former Rams won. That’s cool. Autumn tells me they’re from Saskatchewan, and not St. Louis. That’s good!

McDowell: Not overly. They were pretty clear cut this year. I was just happy that Weyburn boys Brett Jones and Brendon Labatte won. Former Rams doing things. Gotta love it.

Now that the CFL is over for another year, what do you plan on doing with your lives?

Sockett: Ramble on.

Lang: Watch hockey and the RedBlack’s draft of course!

Kreutzwieser: My Canadian Funday League will have to take a hiatus, I guess, and instead of ridiculous football drinking games I will now be partaking in ridiculous curling drinking games. Needless to say, not much is changing.

Chmielewski: Considering I only watched one game all season, I’m pretty much just going to do the same thing I’ve been doing all season (sigh*).

Leitch: I’ll probably go back to doing ironing on a regular basis, because I no longer have an excuse to wear Roughriders paraphernalia to work one day a week.

Musleh: Watching REAL football. HA! That, or sitting down over the Christmas break with a few beers, and writing down all of the armchair quarterback critiques I can about Durant, so I can really hang with Rider Nation.

McDowell: Now I can just pay even more attention to hockey. The World Juniors are just around the corner and then the Olympics after that. It’s a good time to be a hockey fan. Also, Christmas is in T-minus 27 days.

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