Sports Roundtable – Oct. 7


Jonathan Hamelin, Ed Kapp, Autumn McDowell, Edward Dodd
This Week's Roundtable

Andy Fantuz continues to shine for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Is there a threat of him going to the NFL eventually?

Jonathan Hamelin
: I don’t think so. There have been so many amazing receivers in the CFL like Geroy Simon and Ben Cahoon that have failed or not even attempted to make the jump. If these receivers didn’t, I don’t think Fantuz will. He can keep catching those touchdown passes though!

Ed Kapp: I’d say no. He’s a big target for any quarterback, but he doesn’t possess the athleticism to get open and make people miss in the NFL. Considering that he hasn’t played a complete season since 2007 and is rapidly approaching 30, I think he’s got a permanent home in the CFL.

Autumn McDowell: No, not a chance. I know that Fantuz thinks he deserves a look, but you can be a somebody in the CFL and an absolute nobody in the NFL. The guy’s good, but he’s not NFL good.

Edward Dodd: There is always a threat that great players in the CFL will end up in the NFL. So I’d say yes. Of course, the appropriate response to this is “good for him, I hope he does awesome and makes a ton of money.” The response I will have, however, is “goddamn it, we lost another one. Maybe he won’t make the team and have to come back.” Regardless of how selfish that is.
There continues to be talk of a new stadium in Regina. What are your thoughts on the situation?

Hamelin: I love watching games outdoors. The atmosphere is amazing and I don’t know if it would be the same in a domed stadium. However, I understand that the stadium would be a boost to Regina’s economy and not just for the Roughriders. I think we’re a long ways away from a decision in either event.

Kapp: I love football and concerts as much as anyone, but it’s crazy to think about spending over $400 million on a stadium when there are more pressing issues that should be resolved first. I think it is irresponsible to put that much tax money into services that really only benefit a select few.

McDowell: Obviously, having a dome stadium for those freezing cold games would be a definite plus. However, I shudder to think of what would happen with all of that noise in an enclosed space. 

: I think a new stadium would be awesome, but maybe more along the style of Empire Field than a Dome. This would be a nice compromise between people who would rather repair Mosaic Stadium and people who want to build a dome. Also, it’s likely not nearly as expensive. Of course, as with all compromises, no one would be happy with it.

Do you follow the NHL? Who are you cheering for this season?
Hamelin: I like to live by a motto of ECTBE. That means I cheer for Every Canadian Team But Edmonton. I hate Edmonton! My friends think this is stupid, but I have not watched closely enough to cheer for just one team.

Kapp: I have zero interest in hockey. Ever since I got the NFL Network at my house I’ve watched about three accumulative minutes of “puck” in the last two years, so I’m probably not the right guy to ask.

: Yes, I most definitely do.  OK, I hate to admit this, but I will be watching the Oilers. Since they finished last in the league last season they can’t really get any worse. At least I won’t be disappointed with their performance even if they suck this season.

Dodd: I don’t follow it closely, just enough to know if Toronto is doing well, which brings me to who I am cheering for: Toronto. I know they are terrible, and I know this year is not likely to be any different, but there is a part of me that can’t let them go. Maybe if I believe hard enough they’ll make the playoffs this year. Some of us still believe in miracles.

What has surprised you the most so far through the first couple of weeks of the NFL season?

: There have been a number of things. No Cincinnati Bengals player has been arrested, Michael Vick has stayed dog-free, there has been as many bad referee calls as in the CFL and the league has found more ways to stretch out a broadcast even longer.
Kapp: At 3-0, the Kansas City Chiefs have been a very pleasant surprise. Through excellent drafting and key free agent signings, Scott Pioli has turned the recently-dreadful Chiefs into potential contenders in less than three years. Although everyone could see that the Chiefs have been consistently getting better since Pioli’s arrival, I’m not sure if anyone predicted a 3-0 start in 2010.

: Probably that Buffalo is 0-4. I’m kidding. This isn’t surprising at all because they are utterly brutal. Maybe that Adrian Pederson is only second in the entire league for total rushing yards, he should clearly be first. Go Vikings!

Dodd: The most surprising thing in the past few weeks is that I actually know a bit about what’s going on. But other than that, I am not surprised by anything. Maybe it comes from a lack of knowledge about last season, but everything is going along about like I would expect it to. The Jets and the Saints are doing well and the Lions and Panthers are doing awful.

The MLB playoffs are starting up. Who do you like?

: The only way I’d truly devote time to watch the playoffs is if the Toronto Blue Jays were in it. So, this may not happen in my lifetime. Seriously though, I hope the Philadelphia Phillies can pull it off. Roy Halladay, who played for Toronto last season, deserves the glory. But, let’s be honest, the Yankees have already got this one in the bags, the money bags that is.

Kapp: I haven’t watched a game of baseball in years, but if I had to guess, I would say the Yankees. If the Yankees still pillage the free agent market every off-season like they did when I was a baseball fan, they should be a heavy favourite to win the World Series every season.

McDowell: I’m going to go out on a limb and pick the Cubs. Kidding. I’ll go with the New York Roids, whoops, I mean Yankees.

Dodd: I’ve got a good feeling about the Phillies this year, a feeling that they’re going to do well. They are probably eager after losing the World Series to the Yankees last year to prove they can win. I think they are going to go out and make it happen.

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