Sports Roundtable – I hope you’re all Super Bowl Fans

The Carillon office doubles as a gaming center.

The Carillon office doubles as a gaming center.

Participants: Taylor, Sockett, Kyle Leitch, Matt Wincherauk, Brady Lang, Allan Hall, Autumn McDowell

On February 2nd, the Denver Broncos will square off against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII. What is your score prediction for the big game?

Sockett: 34 to 28 for Seattle just to disagree with my colleagues. Hopefully fellow north-ender Jon Ryan brings home the Lombardi trophy to the frozen tundra of Saskatchewan.

Leitch: 21-12 for Denver. End of the world theorists will lose their collective minds.

Wincherauk: Well, I’d prefer that neither team win, but I’m going to take the Seahawks. I don’t like a high powered passing offense in the cold and snow of Metlife Stadium.

Lang: 35-32 Broncos. Sherman may be the best corner in the game, but I don’t think it’s in the cards for Seattle in 2014.

Hall: As a Peyton Manning fan, I’ve been emotionally preparing myself for the Broncos to lose since the playoffs started. I’m going into this game with an Old Yeller-esque mindset (great journey, depressing ending). I’m expecting that this will be a relatively low scoring game, and that Seattle will win 24-17. Hopefully, I’m wrong and it’ll be more like watching Air Bud 2 than Old Yeller.

McDowell: I want Seattle to win, simple because I want former Sheldon Spartan, Jon Ryan to lift the Lombardi Trophy, thus solidifying the south end school’s dominance over the north end. Final score: 27-19 Seahawks.

Last year’s Super Bowl had a blackout. What will this one have?

Sockett: Jay Z guaranteed if the game’s in New York. Jay will be there; hopefully he doesn’t bring that little turd, Kanye, with him.

Leitch: With any luck it’ll have an appearance by the Fan Man’s son, Logan. You’re 11, kid. Time to put on your big boy parachute, and have a twentieth anniversary commemoration of your father’s Denver-LA stunt.

Wincherauk: We probably won’t see a blackout this time, but we might see some serious weather problems. The cold air of New York meeting the hot air of Richard Sherman could cause some problems.

Lang: Snow! Hopefully inches of snow on the field, just to make it interesting.

Hall: I’m going to predict that it’ll be in the news the following day that several dozen Broncos fans ended up in the hospital because they were foolish enough to think that playing a drinking game based off the amount of times that Payton Manning says “Omaha” was a good idea.

McDowell: I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say not another blackout. But I hope someone streaks. Those are always funny.

Do you think this year’s Bruno Mars half time show will top last year’s Destiny’s Child reunion?

Sockett: Who cares about the half time show? That’s the time for smoking cigarettes and mixing drinks.

Leitch: Bruno Mars is playing half time? Jesus. Unless he actually catches a grenade for us, I‘ll be changing the channel.

Wincherauk: Nope. Bruno Mars is not nearly as good as Beyonce and the addition of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is just odd to me.

Lang: Well, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing this year alongside Bruno Mars, so obviously this year will trump last year’s halftime show.

Hall: I say yes, but with a giant asterisk. I’m cautiously optimistic that the inclusion of The Red Hot Chili Peppers can top last year’s half-time show.

McDowell: A Destiny’s Child reunion was cool and all, but really I just felt kind of sorry for the two members that weren’t Beyonce. Rumour has it during the blackout Michelle and Kelly offered to sing some of their own songs. They quickly turned the lights on.

Former Regina Ram Jon Ryan will have a shot at a Super Bowl ring this year. Which current Rams player do you think has the best shot of one day playing in the Super Bowl?

Sockett: I can’t see any of them getting to the NFL. Sorry, someone had to be the guy to say it. Too real?

Leitch: *Looks up current roster, and finds the first player in Fine Arts* Michael Kiapway. Yup, mark my words. This dude’s going places.

Wincherauk: I’ll go with Addison Richards because the guy is a freak of nature.

Lang: Defensive Lineman Ryan Wellman definitely has the size for the American game, so if I had to choose one it would be Wellman.

Hall: Tevaughn Campbell would probably have the best shot of playing in the Super Bowl someday.

McDowell: Let’s be real. It’s highly unlikely that any of them will make it to the big show. People are probably whining right now about how Akiem Hicks and Stefan Charles played for the Rams and are currently in the NFL. Realistically, Hicks wasn’t even supposed to go here and if he wouldn’t have been banned from the NCAA, never would have set foot in Canada. I think a lot of guys have CFL potential, but no NFLers. Terribly sorry.

Will this be 37-year-old Peyton Manning’s last game?

Sockett: I doubt it, he has completely dominated defenses this year, if he was showing signs of mediocrity he might, but really he’s still at the top. Plus there’s no way he will retire with that lack luster little brother of his having more rings than him.

Leitch: If Peyton wins the ring, he’ll retire the next day. If not, I’m sure he’ll give it a shot next season. I think most pro footballer’s desire for championship glory is almost always outweighed by the realization that these guys have a shelf life.

Wincherauk: I think it might be. If he wins, he’s done. But he also could be forced to retire, depending on how much his neck has deteriorated.

Lang: Win – yes he’s finished. Loss – One more year.

Hall: I doubt it. I’m pretty sure that he’ll spend the next two years trying to pass Brett Favre’s records for touchdowns and passing yards, or (figuratively) die trying.

McDowell: If he wins, yes. Retiring on top should be the goal of every athlete’s career. If they lose to the Seahawks, I would give him one or two more seasons.

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