Sports roundtable – Feb. 9, 2012


Let’s bet on it

Autumn McDowell, Jon Petrychyn, Jhett Folk, Colton Hordichuk, Jonathan Hamelin
This week's roundtable

Where do you think Akiem Hicks will be playing football next year?

McDowell: I think he’s headed to the CFL. He had an unreal showing at the East-West Bowl. He seemed to beat Ben Heenan multiple times, and if Heenan is set to go first overall and Hicks can beat him, something just doesn’t add up there. Obviously, the kid is good enough to play at the next level. However, I have a strange vision of him in an Argonauts jersey, and for that I sincerely apologize. 

Petrychyn: Who?

Folk: I’d like to think he’d be staying in Regina for one more season, but in reality your guess is as good as mine about the future of this star athlete.

Hordichuk: I honestly don’t know. I hope he ends up where he wants to. It’s cheesy for me to say that, but I wish the best for him.

Hamelin: The Saskatchewan Roughriders could use a solid defensive end, as the Brent Hawkins-Tearrius George combination isn’t striking much fear in the hearts of opposing offences. The fact that Hawkins performed well at the East-West Bowl shows he’s destined for at least the CFL. If he doesn’t go too high, the Riders could take a chance.

The U of R will host the Canada West wrestling championships on Feb. 10-11, will you be in attendance?

McDowell: Damn right. Not because I have to or anything (cough). But seriously, I would probably take in some of the action anyway. Plus the head coach, Leo McGee, who I have been trying to reach all season for an interview, is guaranteed to be there, in his natural habitat. If you are reading this McGee – which it’s pretty obvious you are not – I’m coming for you.

Petrychyn: This may make me a bad person, but I would only go to ogle boys in their wrestling singlets. Straight guys do it all the time to cheerleaders; why can’t I do it to wrestlers?

Folk: Though I definitely respect wrestling and those who compete in the sport, I will not be attending. I’m really more of a hockey/football guy.

Hordichuk: Sorry, but wrestling isn’t for me. It’s definitely cool that the U of R will be hosting this kind of event, though.

Hamelin: That’s the weekend, so I’ll be trying to recoup from the exhaustion of a 9-5 work week at home.

What would be your dream trade in the NHL?

McDowell: Oh God. That’s insanely hard and would take a lot of maneuvering. I can’t even decide which way I want to go with this. On the one hand, I would say get Crosby to Winnipeg so that I would have more chances to see him live, but I actually really like the Penguins the way they are. Possibly, trade Teemu Selanne to Winnipeg and let him finish his career while he started. But above all of that I would trade the new Jets logo for the original. 

Petrychyn: I’d trade Sidney Crosby to the Pats.

Folk: Right at this moment it would be Roberto Luongo for Vincent Lecavalier and a pick or two. I’m a huge Cory Schneider enthusiast, though I do love Roberto.

Hordichuk: A bag of pucks for Malkin, a water bottle for Giroux, and stick tape for Weber.  OK, I’m kidding. But with all honesty, I’d love to see Mike Richards in a Ducks uniform. His physical, leadership style of play would fit Anaheim great. What would I give up for him? Anybody but Perry, Getzlaf, and Ryan – assuming Selanne is going to retire.

Hamelin: Sidney Crosby to Tim Hortons for a double-double and some Timbits.

Do you think that doing yoga would enhance your sports performance?

McDowell: I can’t really see how it would hurt it, so I am going to go with “yes.” I know that former Rams Nick Hutchins and Jordan Sisco have been taking part in yoga sessions. Rumour has it that Chris Bodnar also likes to dabble in them and Ryan Sawka teaches them, so obviously they’re all doing something awesomely right … or horribly wrong.

Petrychyn: If by “enhance your performance” you mean “place athletic bodies in provocative positions,” then yes, yes it would.

Folk: If I’m a coach, I’m saying, “Hey, whatever floats your boat guys. If it literally affects your play or just works as a placebo, regardless it works.

Hordichuk: I don’t see why or how it wouldn’t. Isn’t it proven that yoga enhances physical fitness or something like that? I heard that there’s even a university yoga class.  The more you know, eh.

Hamelin: I do yoga on-and-off. I don’t know if it directly enhances your sports performance, but it does help your body get stretched out.

How often do you bet on sports?

McDowell: Currently, next to never. I mean, usually my bets are against my brother for who has to take up all the dishes, or who has to get the other one a drink on the next commercial, but those aren’t legit. However, I would like to start. I am going to attempt to pay my way through university solely by sports betting. It’s a foolproof plan, basically.

Petrychyn: Does saying “I bet Durant is going to eat shit again this game” count?

Folk: I find myself betting on sports often, but never for any vast amounts of money. Often I’ll just do like $5 football/hockey pools with my buddies.

Hordichuk: Not very often, but I do have an annual hockey bet with my dad. For every point that differentiates the Montreal Canadians from the Anaheim Ducks, the loser owes the winner a dollar per point. Last year it was amped up to two bucks per point.  Right now, I owe him one dollar. Creative, yet extremely fun.

Hamelin: I barely have time to watch sports, let alone bet on them.

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