Sports roundtable – Feb. 16, 2012


The jury has spoken: get out of here Andy Fantuz

Autumn McDowell, Edward Dodd, Jhett Folk, Colton Hordichuk
This week's roundtable

How are you going to spend your reading week?

Autumn McDowell: Well, my professors have conveniently placed an essay for the second day back and a midterm for the third day back. Is that even legal? I mean, it’s like they all came together to purposely ruin my reading week break. Apart from apparently studying and writing I hope to get some snowboarding in, possibly dabble in kite boarding go skating, and watch ample amounts of hockey. Oh, and get belligerent on multiple occasions.

Edward Dodd: I’m going to spend my reading week watching the Scotties. I’ll probably break out my bright polka-dot Norwegian curling pants and sit in my living room drinking beer and watching the curling. Go Amber Holland!

Jhett Folk: Catching up on Call of Duty.

Colton Hordichuk: Eastbound & Down finally comes back for a third season on Feb. 19, 2012. I’m eager to see what Kenny Powers and Stevie Janowski are up to in Myrtle Beach. Also, I heard Ashley Shaeffer is back for Round 2.  Bring on Season 3, baby! Oh, and Celebrity Apprentice kicks off on Sunday. I’m rooting for Arsenio Hall.

The U of R men’s hockey team will likely miss the playoffs again this year. Who should we blame for this?

McDowell: Tough question. We could blame the insane amount of injuries that the team has had to contend with. We could blame the way the team’s roster skews toward rookies. Or we could blame the number of players that have quit this year – seriously, we must have set some kind of record. But the most likely reason of all is perhaps the coaching.

Dodd: I think it is only fair to blame the global recession. The decline of the international economy has taken a toll on us all.

Folk: Sidney Crosby and his concussions.

Hordichuk: Bold question. I wouldn’t know who I’d point the fingers at. In the NHL, it’s the coaches, but this isn’t the NHL.  Can I pull a John Tortorella and say next question?

The Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs will square off for the next Winter Classic, thoughts?

McDowell: It’s not the kind of matchup where I’ll break the bank to get tickets, but I will definitely watch it and look forward to the 24/7 series that they will surely have to go along with it. I know that @Bozie42 is pumped to have the chance to be apart of the tradition. Let’s just say it’s less than my ideal match up, but I’ll take it, and I will damn well enjoy it.

Dodd: This is the perfect matchup! If I was going to watch a Winter Classic for any reason, I would want two of the original six teams to battle it out like their predecessors. Although I think it might be a better game if they moved it to Phoenix. Bollocks to those who say hockey can’t be played in a desert! The NHL has been in Phoenix long enough that there is enough tradition there to host the Winter Classic!

Folk: Absolute garbage. First off, let’s get two playoff usuals in there. And teams other than Detroit should be allowed to play.

Hordichuk: I know Toronto will milk this for all it’s worth and turn it into a story about how great the Maple Leafs are, which will be extremely annoying. That being said, an original six matchup in a massive 100,000 plus person stadium, what could be better?  This will also be good for Detroit’s economy. 

Do you think Andy Fantuz will be with the Riders for another season?

McDowell: No. To be honest, I don’t really care, either. In case anyone forgot, the guy fucking sucked when he came back to the Riders at the tail end of last season, and the dance moves that he showcases at Pure every Saturday night have not improved one bit since that place opened. I think it’s time the Riders part ways with Fantuz.

Dodd: No, and frankly I don’t think we need him back. He didn’t do a terrible amount to turn the Riders around last year, there’s no reason to keep him.

Folk: I’m sure he will be. He likes it here.

Hordichuk: If he does, all I can say is that I hope he actually plays more than four games. If not, I wouldn’t be saddened one bit if he wasn’t with the Riders next season.

Peyton vs. Eli – who is the better Manning?

McDowell: Oh God, don’t make me choose. They both kind of piss me off, possibly because I am incredibly jealous of their talents. But at the end of the day I have to go with Peyton. He holds records in the NFL, has a Superbowl ring, and didn’t cost me any money on Feb. 5.

Dodd: Eli, mostly because he is better looking. And Peyton plays for the Colts. The Colts are just brutal and their colours are stupid.

Folk: No offence, but this is the worst question we’ve been asked by far. Peyton is the better one by a landslide. You don’t win more MVP awards than anyone else ever for no reason.

Hordichuk: Peyton Manning is definitely my favourite quarterback in the NFL, but the stats speak louder than opinion. Peyton averages around 4,200 yards per year, while Eli averages about 3,700 (with the exception of this year’s 4,900). Would you want a QB that throws for 4,200 yards and doesn’t win Super Bowls, or a QB that throws for 3,700 yards and wins Super Bowls? Eli wins.

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