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Kyle, you will hate this article

Kyle, you will hate this article

Regina boys hit the big screen

Article: Brady Lang – Sports Writer

[dropcaps round=”no”]S[/dropcaps]askatchewan really hasn’t been a place that professional snowboarders are born and bred; yet the McMorris brothers are different.

Craig and Mark McMorris – the brothers who hail from Regina – have made it big in the snowboarding world and were rewarded with a TV show on MTV that just concluded its first season.

McMorris & McMorris debuted on Nov. 1, 2013, and the show was actually pretty entertaining compared to the rest of the blunders MTV has come out with in recent years. The two Saskatchewan boys make numerous references to their home province and definitely come off as just a couple prairie boys living the dream.

Along with their cast of friends – including URSU’s Vice President of Operations and Finance Mitch Simpson – the McMorris brothers set off on numerous adventures around the snowboarding and extreme sporting world, taking them to places such as Las Vegas and South California for an epic scavenger hunt, Vermont for a festival called the “Frendly Gathering,” and, of course, their cabin at Echo Lake near Fort Qu’Appelle.

The brothers combined their down-to-earth humour with their willingness to live life to the fullest throughout their eight-episode opening season. Letting the audience into their lives and showing us that they are still human will go a long way with expanding their fan base and popularity heading into the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games where 20-year-old Mark will be competing.

Although we all know that reality TV shows have to be taken with a grain of salt on how much “reality” is in the programme, there was always a sense of realism in McMorris & McMorris. The show definitely showcased all of the McMorris brothers’ friends and in doing so opened their lives up to the audience in every way possible. Seeing the guys go to places so well known in Saskatchewan like Craven, Regina, and even Echo Lake in the Qu’Appelle Valley, you could tell that this was the life that the brothers actually live.

Craig’s one-liners gave the show an added feeling in which you felt part of the group of friends that were showcased within the first season. The brothers’ willingness to jump right in and live life within the motto of “carpe YOLO” – as Craig says in the introductions of every episode of McMorris & McMorris – entertains throughout the first season of the show and portrays the brothers as fearless individuals.

The show is definitely great for not only Regina, but also Saskatchewan as a whole. Getting the province out there and representing us in a positive light is very good for the snowboarding community within Saskatchewan. The McMorris brothers grew up on the slopes of Mission Ridge in Fort Qu’Appelle and the publicity the ski hill has been getting is tremendous due in part to the two brothers.

The show has made strides in growing the sport of snowboarding in Saskatchewan and with the more success that Mark and Craig achieve, the bigger the sport will grow within this province.

McMorris & McMorris is a show worth tuning into, especially if you’re from the Regina or Fort Qu’Appelle area. Even though the first season is now over we can still cheer on Mark as he will be going for gold in Sochi in a month’s time.

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