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Super Bowl weekend: Liquor stores saving grace

Braden Dupuis, Paige Kreutzwieser, Kris Klein, Autumn McDowell

Dupuis: The absolute fucking worst thing, as it is every year up here in Canada, was having to sit through the same old garbage, boring, self-promoting CTV commercials while our neighbours to the south got celebrities, big-budget action sequences and talking animals. The game itself was pretty great, but the best thing is probably knowing I’ll never have to see Ray Lewis dance or cry again.

Kreutzwieser: Best was obviously the 34 minutes I had to explain about how pumped I am for a possible Destiny’s Child comeback. Worst was probably the 34 minutes where we had nothing more to do but become more inebriated.

Klein: Best moment for me would have to be the part where Ray Lewis went to the 50-yard line and descended into the heavens. Worst moment would have to be the lights going out. It’s the Super Bowl, how does that happen?

McDowell: Tied for worst moment was the anthem length and the lights going out, both caused roughly a 34-minute delay, which enraged me. However, both of them provided me with a lot of material for Twitter jokes. Still, I blame Bettman for the power outage; he loves delaying games. Best moment was when Michelle, aka the other member of Destiny’s Child that isn’t Beyonce or Kelly Rowland, looked so pissed off performing. It’s not our fault you’re the least talented member, bitch.

Numerous Cougars teams will be wrapping up the regular season this weekend. Which team have you most enjoyed watching – or hearing about, since I know almost none of you actually go to games – this year?

Dupuis: Despite the subzero temperatures, “Dirty” Mike and the boys on the Cougars handball team have been entertaining as all hell this year. What’s that? We don’t have a handball team, you say? I’ve been watching hobos fight over moldy buns from BYOB, you say? That might explain why they weren’t responding to my interview requests. Also, the horrible smell.

Kreutzwieser: I’m going to go with the track team. Everyone involved is way too nice for their own good and deserves mass recognition for their talent.

Klein: Well, that’s a tough one since I only went to a couple of soccer games this year. So I’m going to pick the soccer team based on the exciting semi-final win over the Huskies.

McDowell: I would have to go with the men’s hockey team. Not just because hockey is my favourite sport but also because I have sat through three long and sometimes hellish years of them losing and now they are finally making a playoff run. That, and the fact they are the only team that has little kids play hockey at intermission.

Since the Saskatchewan Roughriders decided to release James Patrick in the off-season, how confident are you with Craig Butler as the starting safety?

Dupuis: Every year we end up losing one or two players that make me somewhat nervous. In 2007 it was John Chick and Stevie Baggs – not to mention MOP Kerry Joseph – and a few years later it was Fantuz. But every year, the holes are filled and the team ends up doing… slightly worse. I might be a little bit worried, yeah.

Kreutzwieser: Ask me that again when it isn’t the Monday after the Super Bowl, but I will say he had a pretty standout rookie year in ‘11 so that’s got to speak for something.

Klein: Have to say, I’m pretty confident with Butler. I think the kid is ready to be a star.

McDowell: I used to be impressed with Patrick’s clutch interception abilities but he wasn’t much of a threat at all last season and Butler made a play almost every time he was on the field. So, to answer the question, yes, I’m confident in Butler moving forward.

Columnist for the Hockey News, Adam Proteau, says that the Calgary Flames have to trade Iginla and Kiprusoff. Do you agree or disagree with this?

Dupuis: I find it hilarious that Feaster (and Sutter before him) absolutely refuses to allow his team to enter rebuilding mode. Instead, he patches holes with ex-Flames and signs scrubs to major contracts, hoping to squeeze into the playoffs year after year, with hilarious and predictable results. The time to trade them would have been five years ago, when they still had some decent value.

Kreutzwieser: This is what I know about the Calgary Flames, Iginla is old and Kiprusoff is from Finland, and don’t ask me how I know the latter. I just do.

Klein: As one of the few Flames fans left, I have to say he’s right. I don’t know why the Flames are insistent of keeping the same group of players without going through a rebuilding year. And, plus, Iggy deserves a cup more than anyone else in the league, so why not trade him to a contender?

McDowell: They’re the worst team in the league, so they have to do something to turn this damn bus around, and a big part of that will be shipping off Iginla for some prospects. Of course, since the Flames are so stupid, they will most assuredly re-sign Iginla to a massive contract that they can’t afford, rendering him with absolutely no chance of ever winning the cup. Like ever. Just another reason he isn’t as good as Crosby.

Just for fun: What is your favourite sports related movie?

Dupuis: Will Smith is “Will Smith,” a west-Philadelphia teen who just wants to play basketball with his friends. After an embarrassing altercation with a local gang ends with Will getting spun comically over a gang member’s head, Will moves in with his aunty and uncle in Bel-Air, where his uncle’s butler, Jeffery (a retired NBA point guard), teaches him how to box.

Kreutzwieser: the Mighty Ducks trilogy. Charlie Conway was a beauty. I always wished I could rollerblade as good as him.

Klein: Slap Shot by far. First saw it when I was five years old and have seen it over 100 times since.

McDowell: Oh boy, please God don’t make me choose – just kidding, I’m the one that made up this question. Well, my initial instinct was Slap Shot, but then there is the Adam Sandler classic Happy Gilmore, and what about the Mighty Ducks or Friday Night Lights. Essentially I’m a big fan of any sports movie based on a true story. But, just so that I don’t cop out of the question, I’ll go with Remember the Titans, final answer.

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