Song of a Day: Foxwarren – “A Way Out”


So I had a lengthy write-up for this inaugural Song of a Day post, and then WordPress ate it on me. Lesson learned. At any rate, here's the hastily-composed second draft.



"A Way Out" is a track from Regina group Foxwarren's debut full-length Has Been Defeated, which they released as a pay-what-you-wish download on Sunday. And it's a really good album! It's sophisticated and somber and it's dense and sparse in all the right places. It sounds like an intensely-laboured-over "studio record" (and I know Foxwarren did spend a long time perfecting these recordings) but the thing is that each element comes through full-force at their shows as well, which speaks to the quality of the songcraft and the skill of the dudes responsible. 

What's also a cool thing is that the official Has Been Defeated release show is tonight at O'Hanlon's. You should stop by and see Foxwarren, as well as opener Carl Johnson and the College Kids. (I've heard Foxwarren themselves constitute the "and the College Kids" part of the band but I've got class in ten minutes so I can't fact-check really.)

But yeah. How gorgeous is that chord progression.


  1. Mason Pitzel 21 January, 2011 at 16:28

    Code's fixed, if anyone's keeping score.

    Also there will probably be a review of Has Been Defeated in our next issue, so you can watch for that if you feel like it.

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