Smash Mouth Is Eating Guy Fieri’s Eggs, For Charity


Back around June-ish, Something Awful writer Jon Hendren had an idea, and like the best ideas of the other weird absurdist Twitter comedians profiled inexplicably in the Guardian earlier this year he decided to tweet about it. What started as asking the guy from Smash Mouth to eat 24 eggs on camera basically as something to do turned into a $10,000 charity event where Steve Harwell will eat 24 eggs prepared by his friend, walking surfboard Guy Fieri.

It's basically a real Power Of The Internet-type thing – what started as an asinine and bizarre, if very funny, idea has turned into something where a children's hospital is going to make a bunch of bank and the type of folks who find the idea of the guy from Smash Mouth eating eggs funny have a great day. And it's being streamed! You can watch the stream here.

UPDATE (3:10, 10/09/11): Well, the stream turned out to be a bust for some reason (speculation in the chat was that Fieri had contractual issues preventing him from being filmed), but at least we have this amazing video.

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