“Locally Built Spacecraft”: CUP Roundup 10/07/11



If you read the Carillon's blog last year you might remember that, every Friday, I tried to aggregate stories Canadian University Press papers that might make decent reading material for your weekend. I'll be doing that again this year. This week: sex, punk rock novels, and Manitoba's space program (not kidding!!!!).

  • The latest city to see an anti-sexual assault awareness campaign hit its university campus is Saskatoon, the Sheaf reports. ("New sexual assault awareness campaign targets young men")

  • My favourite three words in a CUP article this week come courtesy of the Manitoban, and they are "locally built spacecraft." ("Getting high on campus")

  • Are you sick of your sexts reading like lines from an episode of General Hospital? Have you tried to make them read more like lines from Skins (the sexxxy UK version)? You aren't alone! The Brunswickan has a piece about a University of New Brunswick's study of e-fuckin', which asserts that "Students are getting sexier with their online communication". Ha-cha-cha! ("Screen-to-screen sex study heats up at UNB")

  • University of Victoria undergrad Joseph Clark spent May of this last year in Japan, helping with the volunteer effort to clean the wreckage of March's earthquake and tsunami. His entry in this week's Martlet is a brief read, but affecting. ("Living in an immaterial world")

  • Crust-punky queer author and McGill grad Kristyn Dunnion has a new book out, The Dirt Chronicles; the Link, which calls the novel a "Canadian punk Trainspotting of sorts", has a great interview with her. ("Don’t Wanna Be Sedated")

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