Scarves in Victoria Park

Warming more than trees in Victoria Park. Ethan Butterfield

Angels 4 Warmth make their mark

Recently, there was a large influx of scarves that found there way onto the trees that inhabit Victoria Park. This wasn’t some supernatural occurrence however, rather, this was the result of the superhuman spirit and what it can do to make the lives of others just that much easier. Placed on the trees by the non-profit organization Angels 4 Warmth, is the volunteer-based collective has been distributing the knitted neck warmers every year for the past several years, having been founded in 1999. Angels 4 Warmth wraps anywhere around 200 scarves in the area during their drive.

Angels 4 Warmth was started by Shannon Clarke and is supported by the North Central Community Association. Their website says that they have upwards of 50 members, all of them senior citizens, who knit these scarves to support those in need.

“Angels 4 Warmth Inc. is a registered non-profit group in Regina who make afghans, quilts, hats, mitts, sweaters, lap robes, chemo caps, preemie caps, shoulder shrugs, slippers, and a variety of other knit and crocheted items. They distribute them to the cold and needy throughout the city. Founded by Shannon Clark a resident from North Central in 1999, the group now has more than 50 members who regularly contribute items. Angels has distributed thousands of items to charitable organizations throughout the city.”

One might think that over 200 scarves would more be than necessary to cover any less than fortunate persons that would looking to bundle up during the harsh Saskatchewan winter. However, this would be a misjudgement as, (such is the case with previous years) more often then not the scarves will all be taken, which presents an unfortunate commentary on how bad the homeless situation is in the Queen City

Helping those in need is a focus topic for those working with marginalized communities in Regina. Carmichael Outreach recently put a notice out which called on those in the Regina community to stop donating certain items for the time being. The cause? A huge influx of donations from unbelievably generous people after the call was put out for more clothing items to make their way to the charity. This is one of those heart-warming stories that adds even more of a punch to what Angels 4 Warmth are doing in Victoria Park. Carmichael is still accepting winter clothing, household items, food, gift cards, and monetary donations, but said they had to be “careful” given the limit space as they organized their move to a new space.

So, whether it’s through Angels 4 Warmth or Carmichael (or the numerous other organizations out there), there is certainly a case to be made to up the ante on being more generous during this time of year. Thus, hopefully leading to being a bit more generous year-round. Regardless, please don’t turn a blind eye to the homeless issues that surround the Queen City, at the very least.

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