Newsbreak – Oct. 28, 2010


Fake cash rules everything around me

If there’s someone flashing more cash then usual, report them. According to the Regina Police there’s been a bit of a counterfeiting problem in Regina. They’ve collected over thirty faked bills. The bills are all different denominations, and are usually found out at the bank. Police are hoping that stores will start noticing the bills being passed at the till., so they can get a description of Mr. Moneybags.

You and meat could make a bad romance

Ew. The buzz on the Internet is that butcher shops have been getting bombarded with calls from people who want to recreate Lady Gaga’s meat dress for Halloween. Thankfully for partygoers and vegetarians everywhere, butchers have been saying a big N-O. Not only would the dress be expensive and wasteful but if anyone lets their dog out – watch out!

Teen horniness is not a crime

They’re not teens, but they play them on TV. Glee cast members have gotten in trouble with the Parents Television Council for a racy photo shoot for GQ magazine. Even though those involved are all in their mid-twenties or above, the PTC says it borders on pedophilia. He says the problem is that they represent high school students in their show and the photo shoot also takes place in a high school setting.

Last stop for the gravy train

Calgary surprised the nation earlier this month by electing Naheed Nenshi, a progressive Muslim dude who’d worked as a university professor. In contrast, Toronto’s Oct. 25 civic election was called in favour of Rob Ford, a candidate whose low-tax, tough-on-crime campaign survived a decade worth of high-profile, discretion- and occasionally race-based gaffes. Remember when he said, “Oriental people work like dogs. … They’re slowly taking over”? Good times.

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