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Five news headlines that will make you scratch your head

Dietrich Neu

Woman honks at speeding driver on Pennsylvania highway, man responds by firing bullet into her car

The Pennsylvania State Police Department has reported that a woman, who remains unidentified, was driving down the interstate highway when a man driving a silver SUV raced by and almost clipped her car. After the woman honked at the SUV, the man driving it promptly flipped her the middle finger and drove away at “very fast speeds.” However the man wasn’t finished. The SUV then pulled in front of the woman and slowed down, forcing her to pass. When she did, the driver of the SUV fired a single bullet into the back seat of her car and sped away. No one was injured, but the man is still at large. (The Bethlehem Patch)

“Bacon Bacon is too much bacon for one man”

A neighbour of a bacon restaurant is complaining about the smell of, you guessed it, bacon; wafting into their apartment.

“Bacon Bacon is the eatery, and it's no surprise what the Haight Ashbury restaurant specializes in,” an article in NBC Bay Area reads. “The neighbor wants the restaurant to install a filtration system on the roof to smoke out the scent of bubbling, sizzling hog fat.”

Thousands of Bacon Bacon supporters have signed a petition to keep the restaurant the way it is. (NBC Bay Area)

Nine-year-old charged in McDonald's armed robbery also arrested in carjacking

A nine-year-old from Chicago, Illinois, was arrested last week in connection to a carjacking with two other teenagers. The boy was also arrested and charged with armed robbery at a McDonald's restaurant last month.

According to reports in the Chicago Tribune, the boy – along with two other teenagers – used a pellet gun to rob another 12-year-old of his cell phone, and robbed another 12-year-old inside of McDonalds.

The nine-year-old was also arrested earlier in the year for breaking the window of a local Chicago business. (The Chicago Tribune)

Earth Hour Is a Colossal Waste of Time—and Energy

According to a report by the United Kingdom’s National Grid, turning off the lights during Earth Hour increases CO2 emissions worldwide. Furthermore, the report ironically states, most individuals use candles to illuminate the darkness, doubling the carbon emissions.

With all of that taken into account, the report also noted that any decrease in carbon emissions would “be offset by the surge from firing up coal or gas stations to restore electricity supplies afterward.” (The Slate)

Russian animals are so addicted to aviation fuel they sniff it until they pass out

Brown bears in Russia have developed a taste for aviation fuel – in fact, one might call them junkies. According to Russian media outlets, there have been several sightings at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve of bears sniffing left over gasoline containers that litter the reserve.

“They take deep breaths for minutes at a time before digging a shallow hole and lying in a 'nirvana' position,” writes Helen Lawson for the Daily Mail. “The fuel is used to power generators and helicopters used by nature reserve workers.” (The Daily Mail).

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