Out of This World thrift experience

An image of an antique store, there are many different sorts of wares for sale. There is a Coke-branded fridge in the background; a few tables and chairs covered in other things; there’s a painting propped up on the floor near the back; martini glasses, milk bottles, and other dishes on a shelf at the back; and many other things that aren’t particularly discernable scattered throughout the room.
Trinkets and baubles may not make for a tidy space, but they do make for interesting conversation! Victoria Baht

A review of YQR Vintage Market’s themed event for FROST Regina 

Located at 1279 Osler Street is YQR Vintage Market, and they extended their hours to partake in the FROST Regina event. They called it an “Out of This World Thrift” and it took place on January 26 and 27, and February 1-3 from 4-8 p.m..  

The YQR Vintage Market is a huge place. In this one location you can find two floors of goodies. There are all kinds of different items and each has their uniqueness.  

YQR Vintage Market includes 27 different vendors. The market is split into sections where each vendor gets their area of which items they would like to hold and have for sale. The vendors of this antique market work hard to make going to the market a really enjoyable experience for people of all ages.  

The YQR Vintage Market wanted to make their market an “Out of This World” experience for the FROST Regina event, and they definitely accomplished it! They created an area that made you feel like you had fully stepped out of this world with aliens, glow lights, and photoshoot opportunities.  

With the idea of space, where could you possibly go wrong? The answer: you can’t! Truly, the YQR Vintage Market is a place where you can play a real-life game of I-Spy. There’s just so much to look at, you can spend a long time looking through everything and never get bored. If you want to see the set-ups, check out their Instagram at YQRvintiquemarket or #FROSTRegina. 

As you walk through the building, you may see items such as vintage glassware, bowls, plates, and kitchen utensils. I even saw some vintage kitchen appliances like stoves and fridges.  

Depending on your imagination, you could create an amazing play area for your kids by getting some of these items or get them for your home to add some old-fashioned character to your home. Plus, if you are a person who has a record player and likes to dig through bins of vinyl, this place is definitely the location for you. In the middle of the main floor, there are some very large tables of vinyls to spend lots of time searching through.  

When I was going through some, I saw options such as Elvis, The Beatles, classical music, Christmas music, and so many more. Speaking of music fans, this is the place for you to find music-related decorations in the future as well. 

An additional part of the market that I found interesting is on the second floor. I found some containers of paint. In one of the booths, they had a wide variety of paints that were “Fusion Mineral Paint.” It would be unique if someone was looking for a creative DIY (do-it-yourself) project and they were able to bring it all to life in this location. If you are a person who craves and loves DIY projects, I highly recommend you check out this market.  

Maybe you’ll find the items that you have been seeking for months, or maybe you’ll find something spontaneous in this space. This is the place I think you could find the thing you are looking for, or even the thing you didn’t know you were looking for.  

There are so many items you could find and see at the YQR Vintage Market, I could not list them all. But it is 100 per cent worth your time to go take a look around. The best part is that you still can! The YQR Vintage Market is open regularly on Tuesdays-Saturdays from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.. When attending the store, you can pay with cash, debit, and credit.  

Oh, and one last thing! While I was walking around the store, I came across one sign that stated: “Enjoy your find.” That is the truth and soul of the YQR Vintage Market.  

Take that sign as your sign to go and explore the market and look around, feel fabrics, play with typewriters, and let your imagination and creativity come to life.  


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