October events to consider

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What’s going on in Regina this upcoming month?

Say goodbye to summer and hello to fall! October has arrived, and with it a whole new roster of events, performances, and things to do in Regina. From theatre performances to interactive gameplay, all the way to alcohol and science, there’s lots to do in Regina this spooky season.  

Music of the Night – a Celebration of Andrew Lloyd Webber 

Calling all theatre fans, on October 6 an Andrew Lloyd Webber tribute concert will be playing at the Conexus Arts Center. Music of the Night celebrates the 75th birthday of legendary theatre composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. The performers are all theatre professionals who have performed in shows like Dogfight, Les Misérables, Fiddler of the Roof, Grease, Into the Woods, and more. Even if you were slightly traumatized by Cats (2019), you can’t deny the beauty of Phantom of the Opera, and if you love musical theatre, this is a can’t-miss event. 

Piff the Magic Dragon 

Do you like magic? Do you like live magic? Do you like seeing live magic performed by people you saw do magic on TV? Then, I’ve got a show for you. On October 12 at Casino Regina, Piff the Magic Dragon will be playing a show. He’s bringing online his magic chihuahua too. You’ve likely seen Piff on America’s Got Talent, and the people that I know who have seen him during his Vegas residency say that it’s an incredible show featuring an incredible performer. You don’t want to miss this act. If you’re not convinced, proof is just a YouTube search away.  

The Ultimate Robin Williams Experience 

I miss Robin Williams. Do you? Do you want to experience just a little bit of that magic Robin Williams carried with him? Now you can, right here in Regina. On October 21, catch Roger Kabler, an incredible impressionist, for his show “The Ultimate Robin Williams Experience” for the closest thing to Robin Williams out there today. It’ll be at the Casino Regina Show Lounge and it’ll be an experience unlike any other if you choose to go.  

AgToberfest Adult Science Night 

Have you ever been to the science center with your friends and enjoyed it, but felt like it was geared more towards children than for you? Then I’ve got the event for you: an Adults Only Science Night at the Science Center. For those 19 and above, you can go to the Saskatchewan Science Center on October 26 for AgToberfest. It’s an agricultural themed night for adults, including alcohol, snacks, and new programming you won’t see on a regular day at the science center. Imagine the bubble activity where you try to get a bubble around you, but when you’re drunk. Doesn’t that sound fun? If it sounds fun to you, then don’t miss this event. 

A Killer Party 

I love the board game Clue. And I love those cold case file games. Do you know what combines both of those? “A Killer Party” hosted by the Globe Theatre on October 28 at the Delta Hotels which steps into the game of Clue in real life for a murder mystery party. Themed at Studio 54, the infamous club in New York City, sit with your table, dish on some appetizers, and dish on the details of the murder you watch take place. If you’re lucky, you’ll figure out who did it. And if you’re extra lucky, you’ll make sure you get tickets to the event.  

Jagged Little Pill 

When I started writing for the Carillon, I wrote about a Broadway show called “Jagged Little Pill.” Now, “Jagged Little Pill” is making its way to Regina. It’ll be playing at Conexus Arts Center on October 9, October 10, and October 11. It was nominated for 15 awards at the 74th Tony Awards. If you remember that article, I talked about the character Jo being originally portrayed as non-binary, and that changing.  

Well, in this production, the actor playing Jo is non-binary. Plus, there’s an iconic Elphaba actress, Julie Reiber, in one of the main roles. Bonus point, it’s a jukebox musical featuring the stylings of Alannis Morissette – what’s not to like about that? If you don’t see “Jagged Little Pill,” you’re missing out.  

Rocky Horror Show 

October means Halloween season. And Halloween season in Regina means one thing: Sterling Productions’ Rocky Horror Show. It’s returning again this year at the Conexus Arts Center on October 26, October 27, and October 28. It’s always a hit every year, and it’s a Regina Halloween tradition. This year will be no different, so celebrate Halloween the right way and don’t miss out on this great show. 

Dinner & Dragons 7  

It’s not a surprise to anyone who knows me that I like Dungeons & Dragons. If you’re like me and you’re a fan of the iconic TTRPG, you’ll be missing out if you aren’t at Dinner & Dragons on October 14 at Birmingham’s Vodka and Ale House. This will be the 7th year of the event which promotes the local tabletop gaming community. It’s also a charity event, with a portion of the proceeds going to Lulu’s Lodge to help 2SLGBTQIA+ youth in Regina facing homelessness. If you’ve never played D&D before, don’t worry, it’s a newcomer friendly event and they’ll have everything you need. But, it is a 19+ event, so adults only. Roll some dice, help raise money for a good cause, and go to Dinner & Dragons. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and there’s lots else to do and see in Regina. For this spooky season, venture out, have fun, and maybe check out a few things from this list.  


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