Rousey flick should be next for Hollywood

Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey

Looking rowdy there Ronda (Photo via Getty Images)

Author: ethan butterfield – contributor

MMA fighter is a solid choice for storyline

Throughout sports history, there have been numerous occasions when an iconic event has translated very well to the big screen of cinema. From last-minute heroes to underdog stories, there’s a large selection to choose from. Examples of these include Miracle, Rudy, Invincible, and A League of Their Own, among others. One story that has recently caught the attention of individuals has been the career of one Ronda Rousey, which leads to the following: should Ronda Rousey be Hollywood’s next success story?

An MMA fighter and all-around badass, Rousey’s story is one of triumph, perseverance, and hard work. With her beginnings in judo, Rousey soon climbed the ranks until she found a spot in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. There she would obtain the bronze medal, being the first American woman to win since 1992 in Barcelona. Shortly after, Ronda retired from judo to compete in MMA and went on to have a phenomenal career. Holding the title for three years and having a current record of 12-1, the years have been good.

Now, creating a film from the story of Rousey’s life could be tricky, but rewarding. People love an underdog story, one where the odds are overcome and the journey leads to an emotional victory for everyone involved. Ronda Rousey hasn’t really been viewed as an underdog, but that’s where things get interesting. You wouldn’t make nor watch a movie about Peyton Manning because the guy has been bred for success his whole life. No, the emotion from a Ronda Rousey film would come from the journey and the struggles during that journey – struggles that include her first loss to Holly Holm, speech issues until the age of six, worrying about her body image at a young age, and issues that would eventually come along by being a female fighter. Now, I’m not saying that any of these events should be exploited for the sake of filming. I would just hope that if it is, indeed, the direction that they went, that those events would be used with care.

On paper, the idea sounds like gold. As we all can attest, however, Hollywood usually makes more drama than necessary for a film. An example being in the Jackie Robinson film 42, where it is depicted that a pitch was thrown at his head when, in reality, that was not the case. Also, in Rudy, the crowd at the end of the film begins chanting his name. However, this is also untrue. Adding dramatic effect may be all well and good in certain situations, but I believe that people will want the story to be as close to truth as possible in a true events story.

So, when all is said and done, the Ronda Rousey movie would certainly be a good decision that not only could prove to be a good motivational picture, but also inspire young women in a society that still looks down on female athletes. All I can say for certain is if it were made, it would be a sure-fire knockout.

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