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We don’t actually have a real roundtable in which to talk sports/Haley Klassen

We don’t actually have a real roundtable in which to talk sports/Haley Klassen

Any of us would make a better QB for the Riders

Author: matt wincherauk, brady lang, john loeppky, peter steele, michael chmielewski – The Carillon Pantheon

1. The Rams lost to UBC 33-32 last weekend, essentially ending their season. What was your biggest positive takeaway from an otherwise disappointing season?

Lang: Well… Picton looked good…

Wincherauk: Well, I think my biggest takeaway was that the offense definitely has a bright future. They still have Noah Picton coming back next season, and stars like Addison Richards, Mitch Thompson, Riley Wilson and Landon Buch. However, that’s about it.

Steele: Even after the 52-point loss to Calgary on Oct. 4, the Rams competed through a close finish on Oct. 18 in Vancouver, narrowly falling 33-32 to UBC. Other teams may have given up, but the Rams did not. That kind of “never-say-die” attitude is something I admire, and will serve the Rams well as they move forward next season.

Loeppky: Don’t allow a coach’s departure to be the dominant narrative of your season. Also, your quarterback is no help laying in the grass play after play.

Chmielewski: Probably seeing some of the fight the team had. They have a je ne sais quoi element I hope they can carry into the future. Let’s watch and see!

2. The Riders lost again last Sunday, this time to the Eskimos. Is there any hope left for our boys without Darian Durant?

Lang: Yeah, believe in Kerry. Guys got a ring and he still has the drive to get out there and play some solid football. It’s time to realize that this isn’t exactly all the QB’s fault. Unless were talking about Doege.

Wincherauk: It’s ugly folks. Darian Durant could be back by the playoffs, but this team has so many other issues beyond quarterback. Kerry Joseph looked alright for being close to Brett Favre’s age, but they have a bunch of other things to fix, like learning how to tackle.

Steele: Darian Durant led the Roughriders to the championship in 2013. Darian Durant led the team to the franchise-record 7-game win streak earlier this season. The Riders have gone 1-5 since he was injured. The team is built around Darian Durant, and they are not going anywhere in the playoffs without him.

Loeppky: In a word, no. In two words, fuck no. In three words, bring back Lancaster.

Chmielewski: I would just like to point how when Darian Durant is gone, everyone treats him like fucking Jesus. They’re honestly waiting for his damn second coming? When he’s healthy? They shit all over him! … Wait, I just realized: Durant is the modern day Jesus. Not appreciated during his lifetime, revered when he’s gone.

3. The NBA season is right around the corner, and there’s been a lot of upheaval since the playoffs ended. Who’s your pick to take home the NBA Championship?  

Lang: I really could not care less. Whomever Drake cheers for the hardest.

Wincherauk: Well my pick is the San Antonio Spurs. They have the best chemistry, they have the deepest bench, and they have the best coach. A great team will always beat a great player. Looks like LeBron is going to have to wait one more year for that third title.

Steele: At the end of each season, the San Antonio Spurs are near the top of the west. They do it as a team, they do it with defense, they do it with scouting, and they win consistently. They’re old. They’re slow. But they win. There is no safer pick. 

Loeppky: The Milwaukee Bucks will win it all with all of its twelve season ticket holders. Just kidding, the Cavs will battle the Clippers for the championship, but LBJ will bring a title back to Cleveland and break the curse.

Chmielewski: I’m cheering for the Raptors. They had a good run last year, and I think they can build on it. Toronto is where it’s at for basketball this year. 

4. The Giants and Royals began their World Series duel on Tuesday. Who’s your pick to take home the Fall Classic? 

Lang: The Royals. Believe in the Royals. They seem destined to win the Fall Classic.

Wincherauk: I’m going with my heart on this one; I’m picking the Kansas City Royals. Have to love a team that plays that small ball, always bunting and stealing.

Steele: It is worth noting the improbability that either of these teams made it to this point, both having won less than 90 regular season games. However, my pick goes to the Kansas City Royals in six games. They have the edge on defense and have a much deeper bullpen. On top of it all, the Royals are on an emotional-high. It seems meant to be.

Loeppky: Whoever serves the snacks at the games because, when there is a sport as boring as baseball, the man with the food is the successful one in the equation. 

Chmielewski: I haven’t kept up with baseball, but I really want the Royals to win. Don’t ask me why.

5. Like any year, the NFL has had it’s set of twists and turns. What’s the biggest surprise in the NFL this season for you? 

Lang: The suspensions around every corner and the lack of consistency. Get your shit together, Goodell.

Wincherauk: I’d say it’s the amount of parity we have. I pegged four teams as being Super Bowl contenders this season, and the 49ers, Seahawks and Patriots all have major problems. Even the Broncos don’t seem completely safe. 

Steele: I have been impressed with the league-leading Dallas Cowboys (6-1), who look to have the ingredients to make some serious noise this season. They lead the league in rushing (159.7 yards/ game) behind RB DeMarco Murray (913 yards), and look to take that winning formula into the second half of the season for a potential Super Bowl run. It’s still early, but it looks like a new day in big D.

Loeppky: All of the off-field shit has to be numero uno. The fact that TMZ has become a legitimate news source when it comes to discipline in sports leagues is a development that no one could have imagined just a few short weeks ago.

Chmielewski: I’m surprised my team is doing good! Eagles are on fire this year. Just gotta watch out for them Cowboys.

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