Matt Hewitt has broken the Regina Pats 20-year-old goalie curse

Braden Dupuis, Jhett Folk, Britton Gray

The Regina Rams have had two members named the CIS defensive player of the week over the last three weeks. Who have you been the most impressed with on defence so far this season?

Dupuis: Autumn mentioned him in last week’s roundtable as MVP, and she’s not far off. Jamir Walker is killing it again this year. The Rams all-time leader in interceptions – 17 after the game against Manitoba on Sept. 28 – is this team’s defensive all-star, not to take anything away from the rest of the D, who have been solid game in and game out.

Folk: It is way too difficult to honestly pick just one player. The Rams have been a fun team to follow this season, and the majority of the team deserves a lot of respect. There’s lots of talent on this team, so it’s good to see when they can mesh properly.

Gray: Football is the ultimate team sport, and every member must do their job in order for stars to shine. The defence has been playing as a unit all year and that is how they have been able to be as good as they have been. If they continue to play as a team, the opposing offences are in trouble.

The Regina Pats have decided to keep 20-year old goaltender, Matt Hewitt, on the roster instead of trying to develop a younger goalie. Do you think this was the right move?

Dupuis: Yeah sure, why not. Off topic: I went to the Pats home-opener and there were two little kids in all-blue spandex by the visiting penalty box. Watching them attempt to distract the Wheat Kings with limp-armed handstands was more entertaining than watching the Pats goalies suck.

Folk: Hard to really pick apart a coach’s decision when selecting which goaltender they want for their team. Perhaps they don’t feel that any options for developmental purposes are ready for that step, or maybe they just wanted the veteran mind in the locker room to help the rest of the team develop. You just never know with the call on goaltenders.

Gray: I think this was a good move by the Pats. Every team should be looking to win now, especially with how mediocre the Pats have been recently. This is them telling their fans they want to make a deep playoff run and give the fan base hope.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are currently third place in the West division with a 7-6 record. What are the odds of the Riders getting a home playoff game this year?

Dupuis: It’s not out of the question, especially after last weekend’s win over the first-place Lions. They’re one game back of Calgary, and two games back of BC. They definitely can’t go on another losing binge if they want a home playoff game, and the last game of the season against BC is going to be huge.

Folk: The Riders have proven within the last five weeks that they can be for real. I think there may be an off chance at a home game, but that’s not what is important. What I see is a team that can walk into anyone’s stadium and smack the home team around. However, I’ve also seen the opposite team that embarrasses all of Saskatchewan. Guess we’ll see which team shows up once the games really matter.

Gray: I think they can pull it off. The Riders have a lot of talent on the team and can beat anyone if they get rolling. Weston Dressler may be the best wide receiver in the CFL and Kory Sheets is an elite running back. I believe in the Riders and their ability to get a home playoff game.

The Edmonton Oilers have threatened to move the team to Seattle if their new arena is not built. What do you think of this?

Dupuis: It’s just Darrel Katz trying to force the city’s hand. He knows they’ll never let him move the team. I think the whole thing is hilarious. It would be even more so if the Oilers actually did move to Seattle, and changed their name to the Seattle Skullfuckers. I would buy that jersey.

Folk: I think it’s hilarious. If you think you can look me square in the eye and tell me that the Edmonton Oilers will be taken from Canada without me making fun of you, you’re wrong. Heck, there’s more of a chance of my team – the Vancouver Canucks – moving to the states than there is the precious Oilers!

Gray: I think the city of Edmonton needs to figure its priorities out. The Edmonton Oilers are one of the premier franchises in the NHL and have been around for years. There is so much history with that team and I think it would be a joke if they allow them to leave.

Hayley Wickenheiser is coming to the U of R on Oct. 16. If you could ask Hayley one question, what would it be?

Dupuis: Hi Hayley, my name is Braden, I write about sports for the Carillon. How does it feel to play hockey against people half your age while studying kinesiology? Also, what is your stance on the Seattle Skullfuckers?

Folk: Hayley, if you had to describe the feeling of winning Olympic gold in just one sentence what would you say?

Gray: I’d ask her how she feels being the face of women’s hockey in Canada. She has won gold medals at the Olympics for this country and has been the inspiration to many people. I’d also like to ask her how it feels to be a playable character in NHL 13.

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