Roundtable – Mar. 1, 2012


This is going to receive some backlash

Autumn McDowell, Jhett Folk, Britton Gray, Colton Hordichuk
This week's roundtable

The University of Regina men’s hockey coach has retired. Who would be your ideal replacement?

Autumn McDowell: Well, someone that the players actually like would probably be ideal. Someone that is known for being more than just “good at fundraising” would also be optimal. Don’t worry everyone; the hiring is in good hands. We have posted a notice about it on Saskjobs, which is basically a shoe-in to get an unreal coach. I would like to think that my sarcasm is blatantly obvious.

Jhett Folk: To be completely honest I’d have to pick myself. I’m a young guy that knows hockey really well, and I’ll be in Regina for at least the next five years. Why not, right?

Britton Gray: Wayne Gretzky would be awesome. We can add some star power to the City of Regina, and I think we can get him. If we can get a lingerie football team, anything can happen.

Colton Hordichuk: John Tortorella. He’s gritty, mean, hilarious, and if he comes to the University of Regina I can watch him get into media battles with Autumn. Oh, did I mention he’s won a Stanley Cup? That credential would definitely help the men’s hockey team succeed.

Former Captain of the men’s hockey team Ryan Bender is a contestant on the second season of local reality game show The Interview. Will he win the competition?

McDowell: I am going to go ahead and say yes. He’ll win for sure. He seems to be one of the only people actually making a decent effort by doing simple stuff such as showing up to meetings. Even though his introductory video included one of the world’s most awkward handshakes. He also lied during the same video, for those of you who don’t know, Ryan’s nickname is not “Ryan.” It’s “Big Sexy.” Not even kidding.

Folk: Any hockey player on a reality TV show has my vote. I’ll always be “fer da boyz”. Good luck to him!

Gray: I don’t know what the competition is but it sounds like some sort of job interview. Good luck!

Hordichuk: I have heard a lot about The Interview. What exactly is it? Is it a Regina version of The Apprentice? If this is the case, I’m going to guess that he’s going to break some necks and cash some cheques. Not literally, but you know what I mean.

Ryerson University has a fencing team and an equestrian club. Should the U of R have these?

McDowell: I have this strange feeling that both of those would fail horribly at the U of R; does anyone else feel the same way? Seriously, I don’t think – in fact, I know – that no one has ever come up to me asking about an equestrian club or bragging about their sweet fencing match. We can’t even get people to show up for our mainstream sports; the turnout for those would be down right embarrassing.

Folk: As long as I’m not on the team, why not? My mom says I shouldn’t play with sharp/pointy objects.

Gray: Yes. The high-class residents of Regina would be pleased to have some friendly dueling to go along with our lingerie football team.

Hordichuk: Hell yeah! I’d join the fencing team even though I don’t know how to fence. How cool would it be to at least try it, though? I also have a lot of friends that love horse riding, so I know they’d be interested in something like that. Overall, it’s a very cool idea. Where can I sign the petition to get these clubs at the U of R?

Do you think the Ultimate Fighting Championship has gotten boring in recent years?

McDowell: Oh God yes. Nearly every card used to be unreal, now they are so goddamn boring. My brother and I were just talking about this the other day. We used to – rephrase that, we would make our dad – spend hundreds of dollars every year on buying the pay-per-view. My dad has barely had to spend any money this year.

Folk: Well, don’t hate me, but I’ve never really enjoyed UFC. That’s just me though. I know it’s a big deal worldwide, but I’ve just never really gotten interested in it.

Gray: No, I think it’s gotten better actually. With young guns like Jon “Bones” Jones coming up the sport will be great for years to come.

Hordichuk: Considering I used to go out and watch the UFC on Saturday nights and I don’t anymore, I’m going with it’s boring. It’s still popular, and I know a lot of people have pushed the St- Pierre vs. Silva showdown, but once they fight and a top fighter is determined, where does Dana White go from there? It’s kind of a dead-end situation.

The one you have all been waiting for: What do you think of lingerie football coming to Regina?

McDowell: Here we go. When I told my mom that the lingerie league was coming to Regina her immediate response was, “Don’t tell me you’re signing up!” Not this time, Mom. I know that most people are waiting for me to bash this league, but honestly I am on the fence. Part of me wants to ream it out for making women sex objects. Another part of me wants to point of that no one is putting a gun to the girls’ heads and making them participate. I’m going to hear about this one.

Folk: LOVE IT! Safe to say I will be a season ticket holder. Should be very interesting to see.

Gray: I laughed my ass off when I first read this was actually happening. It will be good for a few years but then someone will put a stop to it. Sorry bros, but it’s not going to last.

Hordichuk: It’s stupid. It’s the next XFL – for those who remember how successful that was. I guess it’s cool that we’re trying new things, but why couldn’t we try a real sport? Like beer pong.

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