Arts Rountable – Jack Frost is an asshat

At least it didn’t snow on Halloween like last year

At least it didn’t snow on Halloween like last year

By that we mean, welcome Winter!

Participants: Tanner Aulie, Khang Nguyen, Evan Radford, John Leoppky, Charlie MacDonald, Rosa-Lee Laverdiere – Contributors ,Destiny Kaus – A&C Writer

What’s been your scariest driving experience in the winter?

TA: Last year on Christmas Eve I hit a baby deer with my car. That was scary in itself but the real nerve wracking part was wondering if killing an innocent baby deer counted as ‘naughty’. Turns out Santa’s not a real animal lover.
KN: Winter time means slippery roads and slippery roads means it’s time to drift. This means yelling “TOKYO DRIFT” at the top of my lungs any time I lose control and go sliding down the streets. A thrilling and scary experience. Luckily, I haven’t been in an accident yet.
ER: In high school, I was stoned in my friend’s back seat while he was driving north on an icy Lewvan drive. The driver in front of us did a 360 while veering off to the side, narrowly missing us, and soon crashing into the median; all while driving 80 km/h.
JL: Those on Wascana Parkway who seem to think that the crosswalks at the university are the finish line for a Mario Kart race.
CM: I once broke my teeth trying to push my car out of the snow. My hands slipped sideways and I hit my jaw on the rear windshield. I was not trying to push the car out with my teeth.
RL: Playing “Red Light means go Green Light means stop” on Lewvan Dr., or getting stuck on a back road at 11 p.m. on New Years’ Eve – got out in half an hour, but never again.
DK: Nothing. I never drive in the winter. Just kidding. Back when I was a wee girl (when I actually did drive in the winter), I slid through a stop sign into oncoming traffic. Thank goodness the good Lord was looking out for me that day!

It is cold out there; what drink is your favourite to have when Jack Frost becomes an asshat?

TA: Eggnog is the single greatest drink on this plane of existence. Why it is only sold seasonally is and will remain one of the great mysteries of life.
KN: Eggnog and rum is probably my favourite holiday drink. As a child, I was deprived of eggnog, so when that sweet nectar hit my lips for the first time a couple years ago, I was hooked.
ER: A nice glass of scotch, neat, preferably Glenfiddich, The Glenlivet, or Talisker. By the way, what’s an asshat?
JL: Café mocha, but that’s my go-to all the time. I don’t care if it’s +30, I just can’t refuse whenever hot chocolate and caffeine decide to have a baby.
CM: Old school hot chocolate with very stale marshmallows just like Mom used to make.
RL: Hot chocolate with Baileys.
DK: I will have to call this one a draw between Starbucks’ chai latte and Tim Hortons’ green tea. Both warm me up on the inside and put me in a better mood on the outside, so I don’t rip people’s heads off when I’m freezing my butt off.

How do you make it through these last few school weeks without going completely crazy?

 TA: I use my TIT. It’s an acronym that stands for Try, Initiative and Trust. Trying sounds easy but remember working up the courage to try something is half the battle. Have initiative, put yourself out there and people will respond. Trust that school can’t last forever.
KN: I tell myself to stop being a baby and to push through it. Or whatever.
ER: Feel grateful and thankful I’m in a program I love (journalism), with talented, engaging, smart, funny people.
JL: Umm, I can neither confirm nor deny that I have reached the event horizon, that is, the point after entering a black hole (in this case the semester) where there is no coming back.
CM: I gamble on sports so I can redirect my stress towards missed field goals and poor officiating. I also like to drink.
RL: Sleep, having games nights with friends, remembering that one bad grade is not the end of the world, and focusing on events that are coming up.
DK: Generally, I go through a little routine: I get overwhelmed, contemplate dropping out, realize that if I dropped out I’d be pretty much screwed, stay up late finishing the mounds of crap (homework) that I need to finish, and study smart (not hard) for my finals. Hugs help too.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do once the semester is over?

TA: I will text all my friends to go on a huge road trip. And then I will have a moment of mental clarity because I will no longer be stressing over what assignment is next. But in that moment of clarity, I will remember my Netflix password and then spend the next 10 days in my basement.
KN: Catch up with the friends I’ve neglected over the semester. All three of them.
ER: Read as much George Orwell as I can, then drink some more scotch.
JL: Either celebrate over a job well done, or weep slowly and loudly. More likely to be the former, but the latter is what drives me. Is that pathetic? Never mind, don’t answer that.
CM: I’m going back to California for vacation.
RL: Well, seeing as the semester is pretty much over for me (other than finals), I’m going to go to the cinema and the theatre and relax.
DK: GO HOME! Nothing beats sitting at home with my cat, watching Food Network, and not having to think about anything intelligent (except maybe which Christmas-shaped shortbread cookie I want to eat or making the tough decision to kick my cat off my lap when I have to go pee).

If you could go back to the beginning of the semester, what’s something you’d tell yourself for future reference?

TA: I would ask him what our Netflix password is because I cannot remember it. And then just to keep him humble I would say, “Your hair is dumb and so are you.”
KN: I would bring back a sports almanac and win a ton of money a la Back to the Future II.
ER: Ignoring an assignment only means it will reappear, one week later, longer, scarier, and more tedious than before. Get your shit done ASAP!
JL: I’m borrowing this saying from a friend (I would credit them if I could remember who it was) but, keep calm and pretend it’s on the lesson plan.
CM: In the immortal words of Childish Gambino, “Some people will never like you/Don’t let them catch you stressin.” Good luck on finals, everyone.
RL: The only thing I can think of is don’t change your study methods.
DK: I’d look myself in the eye and say firmly yet gently, “Dear Destiny, Prioritize, dang it! Actually do your homework when it gets assigned, so you don’t stress yourself out to the max when it’s actually due. Also, buy a kitten and hide it in your dorm room.”

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