Restaurant Review: Skye Café and Bistro

Affordable eats with an Instagram-worthy ambiance. Needpix

Good food isn’t rocket science

by Isaac Adeoluwa Atayero, Contributor

As the world begins to gradually open back up, figuring out where to go out and eat has become a difficult terrain to navigate. If you’ve been missing the experience of sitting down at a table for tasty restaurant fare, where do you want to – safely – return to first? Skye Café & Bistro is one of a number of restaurants that have opened back up in the Queen City, and if you’re looking to sample some exciting Prairie cuisine, it’s really worth a try. Skye Café is located on Saskatchewan Drive, inside the Saskatchewan Science Centre, and is almost hidden away in the park-like area if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

While it is nice to be able to go back to restaurants, the pandemic is still part of our daily reality, and Skye Café is taking precautions to keep staff and diners safe. When we showed up for our meal, my friends and I were greeted at the entrance with a foot-controlled hand sanitizer dispenser as we made our way to the outdoor setup for brunch. In compliance with social distancing policies, we were only allowed to have six people seated at one table, but the waiter was accommodating enough to get us tables that were close to each other.

The first thing I noticed about the eatery is how aesthetically pleasing the location is. The bistro has both an inside and outdoor setup, both of which are brilliantly decorated and designed. While people go out to restaurants primarily to eat, it would be silly to ignore the fact that, for many people, a meal out also presents an opportunity for a quick phone photoshoot. The age of Instagram requires artsy backgrounds for pictures, so if you’re looking to turn your social media feeds into a feast for the eyes, Skye Café can help you out.

As a student, I appreciate their inexpensive and satisfying menu options. Most items on the menu were around the 12 to 15 dollar range and were presented exquisitely. I ordered the $16 chicken and waffle, which was excellent. The savoury waffle was super crisp but it was the panko-crusted chicken that made my taste buds do a backflip. The accompanying Cajun gravy with mixed greens went a long way in highlighting the taste of the chicken.

I also had their $16 beef ramen which was served in a bowl that could have realistically fed two people. The ramen was so good, and because there was so much, everyone at the table was able to have a taste of it in a sizable portion. Everyone was very satisfied with our orders and our very accommodating waiter.

If you’re looking for a place to eat out with delicious food and affordable prices to enjoy some time with your friends before winter returns, I would definitely recommend Skye Café & Bistro. And even when it’s too cold for patio meals, they also have an inside location with breakfast options, which I am looking forward to trying upon my next visit.

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