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author: kaitilynn nordal| staff writer

Molly Ringwald is an icon for the ages / Flickr

Let’s do the time warp again…

For those of us in the fashion industry September is our New Years.  September is when Vogue Editor-in Chief Anna Wintour decides what’s in, what’s out, what’s new and what’s old.  

Fall 2018 is going to be all about the ‘80’s’.  So let’s all settle in and channel our inner Molly Ringwald shall we? 

Velour: Velour was first seen on sweaters and tracksuits made popular by Juicy Couture in the mid 1980’s. When you think track suits this is the first image that comes to mind.  

Patchwork Denim: Although this is something that started in the 70’s, technically, it did not became a major trend during the 1980’s.  

Lame: When you think of sparkly 80’s prom dresses this is what comes to mind. Lame is what gives it that sparkle.  

Off The Shoulder/Cold Shoulder Silhouettes: Think Flashdance or Pretty In Pink costume design. 

High Waisted Jeans:  These should generally be an inch or two over the navel. These are perfect if you are on the shorter side as they make you look taller.  

Headbands: Thick headbands with teased hair was definitely a major staple accessory of the 80’s. 

Ankle Socks: Ankle socks paired with heels or sneakers were a trend at the time.  Today, pair them with pumps or make them stick out of your converse.  

Statement Jewellery: Things such as rhinestone earrings or bracelets paired perfectly with 80’s big hair and bright makeup.  

Ruffles: Ruffles are no surprise when you think of 80’s prom dresses. Today, however, ruffles will be more toned down.  

Acid Washed Denim:  Channel rock gods like Axel Rose for this one. 

Sheer tights:  Think Molly Ringwald getting dressed at the beginning of Pretty In Pink. These are of course not a substitute for pants, so pair them with a dress or skirt.  

Animal Print: Since the ‘80’s were all about loud and bold prints this should be a no brainer. So if you have always had a thing for leopard or zebra print here is your chance to rock it all the time. 

Shoulder Pads:  This look is updated with the jacket being fitted 

Statement Sleeves:  These run along the same lines as the shoulder pads of course. 

Logos:  Logomania is becoming a major craze on garments again. So go ahead and rock that Mickey Mouse skirt or sweatshirt.  

Vans: During the 1980’s was when skater culture really took off, so think Fast Times At Ridgemont High.  

Leg Warmers:  Now is a perfect excuse to channel your inner Alex Owens from Flashdance  

Power Suit:  Think Melanie Griffith in 1988’s Working Girl and what she wore the whole movie.  

Mesh:  Throw mesh fabric over your shirt and you are good to go.  

Sequins: This has just been updated to be a bit more polished this time around.  

Coloured Sunglasses. Sunglasses with coloured lenses were a major fad during this time period and are coming back.  

Mini Skirts: Think any ‘80’s movie where a scene took place at a high school every girl was wearing them.  

Bomber Jackets:  First made popular by James Dean in the 1950’s with Rebel Without A Cause they came back in the 1980’s –think Top Gun– and are making a comeback again.  

Neo:.   If you have ever seen a workout video that was filmed in the 1980’s then you have seen this specific trend.  

Biker Shorts:  Although realistically being in Saskatchewan this cannot be a thing for to long feel free to not give up on summer just yet.  

Distressed Jeans:  Think Nirvana, or Pixies and what their jeans looked like. 

High Cut Body Suits/Swimsuits.   This is exactly what Pamela Anderson and the rest of the women in Baywatch wore.  

Leggings: Think Olivia Newton John in Grease for this specific look. However if leggings like that are not your thing and you prefer denim then wear jeggings.  They are just as comfortable but are a type of jean still.  

Spray Painted clothes: Go re-watch the music video for Blondie’s “Rapture” and make it your own. 

So put on a neon sweatshirt, leggings, Vans for shoes, tease that hair and put in a headband and you have the perfect outfit. Does anyone else all of a sudden want to re-watch Judd Nelson walking across a football field thrusting his fist into the air?  

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