Restaurant review: Pink Cadillacs Diner

The phrase should be a “tall glass of milkshake” instead of “a tall drink of water,” because dannnggg.

A classic ‘50s feel and boozy milkshakes… what more could you want?

I’m not the biggest fan of restaurants. There’s something about eating in front of other people that makes me nervous. So, when I find a place that I like, with good food, I tend to add it to my regular rotation of restaurants. My first trip to Pink Cadillacs Malt Shop & Diner in Saskatoon was no exception – but I ended up pleasantly surprised!

Pink Cadillacs truly felt like a trip back to the ‘50s. From the floor to the seating, the atmosphere was fantastic. The walls were covered in pictures of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

The most important thing in a restaurant for me, other than the food, is the noise. Some restaurants have too much noise and it gives me sensory overload. If the music is too loud or there are too many different TV’s playing aloud, it can ruin the experience. The volume level at Pink Cadillacs was fantastic. There was music playing, but it wasn’t so loud that it took away from the conversations I was having with my friends and the music wasn’t abrasive. There were TV’s as well, but they were placed so that if you were more engaged with the conversations held with those at your table, you wouldn’t be distracted by them.     

My friends and I went on a Tuesday, when the special was 1/2lb of dry ribs with a caesar salad for $10, which two of us got. The caddy sauce, which is just buffalo sauce, was the best buffalo sauce I’ve ever had. Since moving from my hometown, I have been searching for a similar buffalo sauce to the restaurant there that I loved, and I finally found it at Pink Cadillacs.

The menu is large, but not so large that it becomes difficult to pick what you want to order. The prices have a good range. A grilled ham and cheese with a side is only $12 while a AAA New York Strip steak with a side is $18. Burgers range from $13-$19 depending on the number of toppings and what the toppings are (and yes, there is a fried peanut butter and banana burger)! Hotdogs range from $10-$14 and you can get a hotdog loaded with different toppings, with a side. Sandwiches range from $13-$16.

One of the best things on the menu are the milkshakes. There are regular milkshakes for $5.00 or malt shakes for $5.50. The milkshake sizes are big – and they are fantastic. In addition, they give you the excess milkshake that didn’t fit into the glass in a cold cup with a spoon for you to eat. For a little bit more money, you can get a combo of different ice cream and toppings, like the “Monster Mash” with chocolate, Oreo, Smarties, and Reese’s Pieces. And for those of legal drinking age, they have ‘big kid shakes’ – alcoholic milkshakes – for $9. They mix the milkshake with things like coconut rum, bourbon, vodka, whiskey, and more. Though I don’t drink, the ‘big kid shakes’ were a hit at the table with those of my friends who do drink.

I highly recommend Pink Cadillacs for those looking for a chill place to sit down and eat that has great atmosphere and great food. Pink Cadillacs Malt Shop & Diner is located in Saskatoon at Hampton Village and 8th Street. You can check out their menu at


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