Ice Scream


Why Regina loves its ice cream—or why it doesn’t

Article: Dana Morenstein – Contributor

Dessarts Sweets Ice Cream & Candy Store is nestled in the heart of Cathedral, on the 13th Avenue strip, across from the historical Westminster United Church. There are around 30 different flavours of hard ice cream, ranging from classics like chocolate and vanilla to flavours like black cherry and bubble gum. Soft ice cream also comes in an assortment of flavours, with the speciality flavours like cheesecake and root beer being a bit pricier than the staple vanilla and chocolate. In addition, they serve twisters—similar to the Blizzard, ice cream spun around with candy bits—sundaes, banana splits, smoothies, and floats, among other ice cream shop staples. Soy ice cream is also available at a higher price.

You can’t go wrong with ice cream, no matter your age./Source:

You can’t go wrong with ice cream, no matter your age. Source:

The ice cream at Dessarts is delicious. I enjoyed a small black cherry hard ice cream for $3.35 and my companion had a small strawberry soft serve, which I sampled and thought was very creamy and full of rich flavour. On other occasions, I’ve enjoyed the homemade ice cream sandwiches. They have the best ice cream sandwich I’ve ever tasted, but in the past year, the sandwiches have been considerably downsized. The servers always seem friendly and energetic and the candy part of the shop is good too. Expect to pay a premium on the many imported candies they sell. If you’re a licorice lover like I am, their assortment of black licorice from around the world is sure to blow your mind.

Dessarts continues to serve tasty ice cream, there’s no doubt about it. Their selection of candy might be the best in the city. However, I find their servings have gradually gotten smaller since they opened their doors in 2002. The small sizes are really quite, well, small. Instead of adding a little bit on top like other ice cream shops have done, they seem to rigidly stick to their single scoop method. A medium hard ice cream cone costs $4.35 and a large $5.35. The cones just don’t provide me with the “Ah! Now that’s an ice cream!” feeling that proper scoops have done in times prior. Don’t get me wrong, the taste of the creamy ice cream usually makes up for the initial let down quite nicely. Also, they provide baby and kid sizes. They’ll even make a ‘dog sundae’ for your canine companion.

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