Resolution or unrealistic goal?


U of R student athletes share their goals for the New Year

Ed Kapp
Sports Writer

According to the infallible Wikipedia, a New Year’s resolution is “a commitment that a person makes to one or more lasting personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit,” which “must be reached by the next New Year.”

In the spirit of the season, the Carillon caught up with a number of University of Regina student athletes during the break to see what – if any – resolutions they made for 2012.

Gaelan Malloy, wrestling

New Years is a time of reflection into one’s priorities. My foremost priority is survival. As the apocalypse approaches – exactly a day less than a year from when I’m writing – my resolution is to step up my preparation in an aggressive manner. This means stocking non-perishables, other survival gear, and, most importantly, weapons. [Prime Minister Stephen Harper] committing to slash the long-gun registry was an early Christmas for me. My preparation is as all-encompassing as possible, because the exact circumstance of the apocalypse is unknown. I’m currently working on a boat, a bomb shelter, and a hot air balloon. I’m hoping to have all these finished by next November. If anyone is interested in apocalypse preparation, feel free to contact the Carillon regarding my contact information. May God help us all.

Erika Brown, swimming

My New Year’s resolution is to treat every day like it is Jan. 1, stay on top of tasks, and not lose sight of the main goal. It’s [an] Olympic year! Let the magic begin!

Carter Selinger, hockey

Only spend one hour a day sending Brendan Fraser fan mail. Remove the more dangerous S&M acts from my repertoire. Learn to play the didgeridoo. Stop taking my clothes off every time it is “getting hot in here”. Find out what “figgy” pudding is. Kill the Kardashians. Solve the mystery of who let the dogs out. Be a better teammate, friend, and quit worrying about what people think about me and just be me.

Jessica Winter, swimming

My New Year’s resolution is to keep happy. Enjoy every day as much as the last. While there are moments for seriousness, I never like to take myself too seriously. It’s important to enjoy the journey and not to sweat the small stuff. Also, I would like to figure out why the Kin building is a black hole when it comes to cell service.

Connor Bloom, track and field

Being a rookie this year, my first resolution would have to be always working to get faster and stronger and eventually trying to compete at the CanWest and CIS championship level. For the social aspect, one of my goals is to be best “Movember” participant that I can possibly be.

Frankie Gray, football

One New Year’s resolution I have is to gain 15 pounds of mainly muscle before the next football season so I don’t get eaten by [defensive] linemen on opposing teams. The other resolution I have is to change my diet to help gain the 15 pounds and live healthier.

Hillary Lerat, hockey

I have a sweet tooth and love anything with lots of sugar in it. I plan on eating less sugar and more vegetables. I would also like to say I will not leave my assignments and studying to the last minute, but I think that’s just wishful thinking.

Jamir Walker, football

Well, to be honest, my New Year’s resolution is to actually attend classes in the morning and do homework on a regular basis. Now that the NBA has started up again, there is almost always over six games a night, so I will probably always be up watching those games, so I may have to put a hold on the homework department. But who can blame me, right? It’s the NBA! Go Heat! (Fan well before “the trade.”)

Rebecca Rink, volleyball

My New Year’s resolution is to enjoy my last four months of university as I prepare to get settled down into my career as a teacher, as well as have a strong second half of volleyball to finish off my career as a CIS player.

John Lendvoy, wrestling

At this point, I don’t plan on setting a resolution. That is something I haven’t done since I can’t remember and I don’t plan on doing it this year either As far as my wrestling goals, New Years falls right in the heart of our season, so it’s not really an ideal time to make a major change in the way I am living my life. I usually set goals at the end of our season and make changes over the summer.

Chris Bodnar, football

My New Year’s resolutions are the following: cut down on the diet pop as well as refined sugar. I’m on a real health kick. I’m also going to make a conscious effort to not bug the Kin academic advisors every week.

Alison Jestadt, track and field

I guess one of my goals for the year would be to worry less about and enjoy more of the random things thrown into life.

Rihab Birama, wrestling

I don’t have any plans for 2012, but just looking for another great year. [I’m] just hoping to accomplish something in wrestling I’m training hard so I can at least accomplish something in the future.

Kelly Wiebe, track and field

As the distance captain of the track/cross team, my resolution for 2012 is to produce a crop of runners that, one, continues to wow women with our studly endurance capabilities, and, two, wows everyone else with our CIS cross country team championship banner hanging in the rafters.

Jorgen Hus, football

I think any football player’s goals in the off-season and New Year is of course to get bigger, stronger, faster. If you were to ask Chris Bodnar, however, he would probably ask for something like, “Laces out, please.” I am just trying to get as consistent as I can be as a long snapper, and focus on nutrition a lot more as well.

Dagmar Anderson, track and field

My New Year’s resolution for 2012 would have to be to stretch way more than I do now and also to try and read more!

Jared Janotta, basketball, football

New Year’s resolution for basketball: take names, win games, make playoffs! See what happens then. For football off-season, New Year’s resolution would be get [Marc Mueller] healthy and teach him how to slide before next year!

Marc Mueller, football

To slide feet-first instead of throwing shoulder-first.

Joanna Zalesiak, basketball

After reflecting on 2011, I truly think there are a few areas of my life that need some serious improvements. I analyzed all of them in detail and chose the most important one which is closest to my heart. My New Year’s resolution is to be a better intramural referee.

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