My Wedding Stories” more like “My Divorce Stories”

A photo of the green Sims diamond that is about as low quality as their new game pack. Dinosaur918 via Wikimedia

Sims 4 fans angered by broken new game pack

On February 23, the Sims 4 team dropped a brand-new game pack called “My Wedding Stories.” When the trailer was released in early February, Sims fans were excited to finally have a change to weddings. They hoped that weddings would be less buggy, and guests would stop standing right in front of the arch your sims were getting married at. Instead, they got the worst Sims pack to ever be released. Even worse than “Journey to Batuu,” that one Star Wars game pack that still doesn’t make any sense. And yes, worse than “My First Pet Stuff” which includes almost no objects and requires a $50 DLC (downloadable content) to play.

“My Wedding Stories” is horribly broken, full of bugs and glitches. Before the pack was released for the public, it was given to a group of content creators known as EA Game Changers. For the first time, the Game Changers had to state in all their videos about the pack that it was not final software, and all the Game Changers swiftly realized it was because the game is barely playable.

Let’s break down what’s wrong with “My Wedding Stories.”

To start, the cakes don’t work right and are not great in practice. Some cakes only have eight slices, while others have 12. The cakes in-game look massive, yet only serve 12 sims. What’s even worse is the shelf-life of the wedding cakes. Regular cakes in the game last for 24 sim hours – wedding cakes last twelve. When it takes your sims 16 hours to get married because the pack doesn’t work, the cake expires by the time you get to it – and that’s if you can even drag the cake into your inventory if you made it at home. In the trailer, they made it appear like when you did a cake tasting, your sims would respond negatively or positively so you knew which one to get – but they don’t do that. They have no opinions on the cake, and that’s not the first instance of the trailer being different.

In the trailer, they show that everyone will take their seats and sit down. This is a big deal for weddings because sims are always standing around and talking with each other instead of sitting down for the ceremony. It’s a huge piece of the pack, and it doesn’t work. Sims refuse to take their seats. A few will, but not enough for it to work. Sims still talk with each other and do push-ups in the middle of the aisle. Your guests refuse to do what they’re told. This is just one example of ceremony activities not working. The spousal kiss is broken. When your sims kiss, their faces don’t touch; it’s off-putting. Sims will also get stuck not doing what you told them to, and then they’ll pee themselves in the middle of your wedding.

One of the options in planning a wedding is setting a dress code…but not one guest will follow it. They all just show up in their everyday wear. Before “My Wedding Stories,” sims would at least show up in their formal wear, but not anymore. Speaking of clothing, there just isn’t any for men. For women, there’s a huge array of dresses; for men, there are less than 10 options.

And say you bought the pack, realized it’s broken, but still want to have a base game wedding. Too bad, you can’t. The pack completely replaces the wedding event, and all your weddings will be broken.

Modders are doing their best to fix “My Wedding Stories,” but players on console can’t access those mods and their games are just broken. EA needs to fix “My Wedding Stories,” but who knows how long that will take. The pack simply doesn’t work. They knew the pack didn’t work before release because Game Changers made videos about it, yet here we are with a broken pack.


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