Regina Band Interview Series: Lest We Fail


This killer local metal band loves cats

Metal gents unite! / Lest We Fail

Metal gents unite! / Lest We Fail

Welcome, my friends, to another edition of The Regina Band Interview Series! *the crowd goes wild!* This week, I present to you local metal band Lest We Fail. But, do not fear! These metal heads are not frightening human beings at all despite their genre and hard-core nature.

After forming the band in 2007 and gaining a few more band members in and following 2008, Lest We Fail has come a long way; in fact, in April of 2014, they released their new full-length album This Dying Age and have been playing shows like champs ever since.

All of the band members – Mitch Riemer (vocals and rhythm guitar), Ryan Jorgenson (bass), Jeff Senft (lead guitar), and Tyler Solonynko (drummer) – graciously gathered together to collectively answer my intriguing, deep questions.

What first got you interested in music?

Our parents would always be listening to music while we were growing up. That’s what got us into it.

How did your band get into the music industry?

 Started practicing regularly and booking local shows here in Regina.

What are your future goals as a band? 

To keep improving as a band and writing more killer tunes.

What is the meaning of life?

To experience and to learn. To grow as people.

What is your definition of true love? 

Unconditional love is non-intervention. Accepting someone for who they are with no preconceived notion of who someone is supposed to be.

Do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction books?

 Non-fiction. We are large proprietors of truth.

Which superhero do you look up to the most?


If you could eliminate one of the 10 commandments, which one would you eliminate?

All of them. Be true and not an asshole. Simple.

What are your greatest failures?

 Not realizing our true potential.

What are your greatest successes?

 Moving past all the drama. Personally and collectively.

 Who are your favourite sports teams?

 Calgary Flames. Indianapolis Colts.

What musicians inspire you the most?

Lamb of God. As I Lay Dying. Pantera. Unearth.

Would you like your life to end with a fairy tale or tragic ending? 
Tragic endings.

Do you like cats?

Yes. Yes we do. Love them

What is your biggest pet peeve?

 Tardiness. Regina drivers. Judgemental people.

Why is the sky blue?

 It reflects blue because of the ocean water.

What physical aspects of yourself are you most proud of?

 The gun show and our birds.

Which historical event do you wish never happened?

 Kennedy assassination.

Well, there we have it champs: a talented group of metal men who enjoy non-fiction, look up to Batman and Superman, and love cats. Why they want their lives to end tragically I do not know, but whatever. To each his own!

Anyways, whether you’re an avid metal fan or perhaps an anti-metalist in sincere need of broadening your horizons, go check out Lest We Fail at to hear their sick new album.

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