Recovery by Ariana Giroux

The album cover for Recovery Ariana Giroux

Looking into an impactful album

The world of music is always giving us more and more to listen to as we continue to find our next vibe, jam or beat to flow alongside as we go about our daily routines. As everyone knows, this world can span across various genres and an even larger variety of artists. Recently, I got the chance to look into a new album that dropped which had a very significant social commentary behind it. Titled Recovery, the album was released on ‘Trans Day of Visibility’ and was created by Regina, Saskatchewan-based artist Ariana Giroux, who is a member of the trans-community. The album itself consists of nine tracks (eight main and one bonus) and features an instrumental electronic sound not unlike that of DJ club music. With that being said, let’s dive into the track-by-track view of what the album holds in store.

[Full disclaimer: I am not an avid electronic music listener. I’ve been listening to the same three hard rock bands from 2005, so I apologize for my lack of insight.]

First off, we have “Soft Rain”. Don’t be fooled by the title though. This track is anything but it shows you everything that’s going to be coming your way in this album. The tone and sound never really stops building throughout the song’s runtime, giving off an almost cosmic listening feel. Long story short, it’s out of this world.

Next, we have “Moving Forward, One Loop at a Time”. I was hooked almost instantly by the intro to this track. Almost like something out of an 80’s horror movie (it’ll be the first 20 seconds of the song), it brings in the beat in a subtle enough nature that when it starts you’re kind of already going; “Yeah, I can totally get behind this.” As well, the beat carries itself really well throughout the track and doesn’t lose steam  until the outro where it fades nicely to the end.

“Bouncing Back” comes in at number third. This is definitely late night driving music. This is something you would listen to if you were just rolling down the road and grooving along with the lights that pass by your vehicles. Then, just when you thought that was it, it breaks down with a sick electronic solo at around the three minute mark. (Coming back after listening through the first time around, this is personally my favourite track.)

At number four is “Let it be Untitled”. Honestly, I don’t have a lot to say about this track. It’s pretty standard in it’s building up, melody and beat. Still enjoyable none the less. It almost feels as if it’s there to give the listener a break as they get to the next track …

And that is the vibe I feel with the five track, “Can’t Speak”. A more experimental sound then has been featured on the album up to this point, it’s also the first song to feature vocals. Engaging and certainly worth a listen much like the other tracks, “Can’t Speak” comes right out of the gate and hits you with what it’s all about right from the get go.

“Fluttering About” is the next rack at number six. I really dug the distortion in this tune, which separated it from the rest with a catchy haunting rhythm. The beat also dances around the distortion nicely and makes for an interesting/engaging listening experience. As well, the different sounds leveling from high to low adds to the melody really well.

The seventh track “Piano Musings” brings in a more wholesome sound to the album. On what has already been a very diverse track list so far, the addition of a more pop oriented melody rounds Recovery out to an even greater degree. You’ll nod along, you’ll tap your thumb, you’ll enjoy it from start to finish.

The end of the main tracklist, “Acceptance” brings everything together on a strong note. Featuring remixed dialogue that discusses gender, and building upon on that dialogue with passionate music that really emphases the point, it’s a track that will stay with you for its ability to tell it how it is.

All in all, this album is a journey. It’s a journey through emotion. And each track brings out that emotion just a bit more. Then you reach the end and you understand what all those emotions lead to, which is as the last track says; “Acceptance”. If you have the chance, give this album a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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