Prairie Valley Eats


One of the great joys of life is finding that one little favourite spot to eat, and in southern Saskatchewan, there are a number of these restaurants. With Arts and Culture editor John Kapp making a visit to the newest restaurant addition to Lumsden, I thought I would rattle off some of my favourite places to eat within the Prairie Valley School Division area, places that I’ve been visiting and enjoying for the past six years.

Honourable Mentions: Kipling Motor Inn, Kelliher’s Wong’s Restaurant, Grenfell’s Vicki’s on 1, Lumsden’s Snack Shack

5. Palmeras Restaurant, Regina Beach
A place that I only found about last year, Palmeras has become a huge favourite of mine when I head out to the beach. Palmeras brings a varied menu to the table that doesn’t disappoint, with some favourites being their hangover breakfast and a brilliant clubhouse sandwich. But when you go to a small town restaurant, it’s always smart to go with the daily special, and you can’t go wrong there when at Palmeras. While Regina Beach continues to deal with pestering issues, Palmeras remains a consistent bright spot in the town.

4. The Grotto, Vibank
Vibank isn’t a particularly big town, and if you entered looking for The Grotto, you might be puzzled as to where it may be. That’s because it’s hidden away in the town hall, where people passing on Highway 48 won’t find it. While The Grotto doesn’t have as extensive a menu as some of the other places on this list, it makes up for it in its Mexican specialties. Sometimes you have to do a bit of work in order to find the best spots to eat, and The Grotto is proof of that. It’s more than worth it though.

3. The Gateway Café, Qu’Appelle
Don’t get confused here, this is in Qu’Appelle, not Fort Qu’Appelle, which many people tend to think are the same place. Much like The Grotto, The Gateway Café is another place that is well hidden and unassuming, with a worn out sign on the front, but don’t let it fool you. This place has the best Chinese buffet that I know of. While many small towns have a solid Chinese spot with a buffet, The Gateway Café ups the ante with half a dozen amazing pies. While you couldn’t go wrong eating here on any day of the week, in order to experience the buffet, you should head here on a Thursday.

2. Ice House Tavern, White City
The Ice House Tavern is probably the most well known place on my list, being that White City is essentially a part of Regina at this point. Famous for their near-plate-sized burger, the Iceberg, or the super-sized version, the Glacier, the Ice House is famous for one thing: burgers. They make some great sandwiches and hot dogs, but I feel that you’re missing out if you don’t order one of their numerous kinds of burgers – not to mention what I consider to be the best fries in southern Saskatchewan. The Ice House is a place that you really don’t want to miss out on, and fortunately, it’s only a short drive away for us Regina folk.

1. Indian Head Bakery, Indian Head
The Holy Grail. The Tom Brady of restaurants. The defacto number one restaurant in southern Saskatchewan as far as I’m concerned, is the Indian Head Bakery. When talking to people who have made their way to many of these small towns to eat, this was always the first one that came up. You ask, “Matt, what should I get to eat here?” The answer? Anything. Because it’s all great. I would recommend the club sub and one of their daily soup specials, but you can’t go wrong with anything they have on the menu. Top it off with some fresh baked pastries, and you have a place that you absolutely cannot miss out on.

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