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Jacks Sures favourite hiding spot/Jaecy Bells

Looking at the lifetime, and the achievements of Jack Sures

Jack Sures can be found in the ceramics department at the University of Regina almost every day. Sures graduated from the University of Manitoba, majoring visual arts with a focus on printmaking; he then graduated with a Master’s degree from Michigan State University. In 1965, Sures moved from Winnipeg to Regina to develop the printmaking and ceramics programs at the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus. He continued to teach at the University until 1998. Today, Jack is currently an artist-in-residence at the University of Regina.

He is always up for a cup of coffee, good conversation, and helping students with their creative problems. “[Creating] keeps me alive,” states Jack Sures. Works of Sures can be found within the MacKenzie Art Gallery collection, the University of Regina collection, the Saskatchewan Arts Board collection, and many other public and private collections around the country and world. He has been the recipient of many prestigious awards and has exhibited extensively internationally. This year, Jack Sures received the 2017 Lieutenant Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

The Saskatchewan Craft Council held the exhibition 82 in alignment with Sures’ eighty-second birthday this year. The exhibition contained 82 new works by the artist. The artworks were technically refined through his years of making and are full of whimsy and humor. He carves into the surfaces of his vessels and gesturally paints swirling strokes throughout the works. Jack playfully creates and decorates his surfaces with imaginary creatures, now described as bandicoots.

Sures is a renowned artist who has taught many students clay techniques. As a teacher, he has equipped students with the knowledge and tools to create what they desire from clay. He has immensely contributed to the artistic community. He has taught ceramic artists including Victor Cicansky, Jeannie Mah, Anita Rocamora, and Carole Epp.

Sures creates beautiful wheel thrown functional vessels and also creates hand built sculptures, and large murals. He was commissioned to create the mural for the Sturdy-Stone Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; he was also commissioned to create a mural for the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, Ontario. There is a mural found on campus created by Jack Sures located in the stairwell of the classroom building.

Jack is represented at Slate Fine Art Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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