Newsbreak – Nov. 18, 2010


Zombies attack … your phone. Once only found in the computer domain, a new “Zombie” virus is hitting smart phones in China. Posing as a legitimate anti-virus software, the virus infects the phone, letting hackers take control of the mobile device. After that, the virus is sent to any number found under contacts and sends itself to your friends and family. So far, over a million people have been “bitten” in China.



It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. An over-600-pound alligator was named the longest in Florida’s history. But don’t be scared of the water. The 14-foot gator was killed after being harpooned by a hunter. In a last bit of rebellion, the alligator pulled the boats around by the harpoon for 45 minutes. Now let’s never speak of this again.





The apologies are always a lot less exciting than whatever triggered them. Kanye West apparently doesn’t think George Bush doesn’t care about black people anymore. “I would tell George Bush that in my moment of frustration that I didn’t have the grounds to call him a racist,” the rapper said on NBC’s Today show. No word yet if he plans to apologize to Mike Myers for making him a part of one TV’s most uncomfortable moments.


What do cats and robots have in common? Answer: something! After super-important scientific research, U.S. researchers have found that how cats drink water defies gravity. Instead of making their tongue into a cup when lapping, the cats tongue remains flat and instead relies on speed and the amount of resistance water has to change in velocity. Researchers say that this information will be useful in transferring liquids with robots. And that’s definitely not just an excuse for them wasting a month watching home movies of their cats.

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