Newsbreak – Mar. 31, 2011


Oh, the irony. The tragic, tragic irony. Earth Hour occurred last Saturday, Mar. 26. The occasion is usually celebrated by having people shut of lights, TVs, radios – anything that consumes power. However, for this Earth Hour, Edmonton’s power usage actually jumped up one percent. Is that any way to treat your mother?




It’s the end of an Air-a. One of the founders of the iconic Canadian comedy show, Air Farce, died Mar. 26. Roger Abbott was 64 years old when he succumbed to leukemia. He had been fighting the illness for 14 years.





Juno reminds some of Zeus’ wife, and more of a movie. But, for Canadians, it represents awards we actually have a chance of winning. Hosted by Canadian hip hop star Drake, the Junos took place Sunday, Mar. 27. The Canadian-focused music awards show saw Arcade Fire take home four trophies, the Biebs got two, and 65-year-old Neil Young won Artist of the Year. He accepted the award, saying, “What year is it?”


The world’s most beautiful woman has died. Elizabeth Taylor died Mar. 23 at the age of 79. Taylor died of heart failure, but had been prone to illness her whole life. She had survived a benign brain tumour, a 35-year addiction to sleeping pills, have two hip replacements, breaking her back five times, skin cancer, an emergency tracheotomy, and a whole whack of marriages.

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