Staying active in the City of Regina

Two children in snow gear pulling red sleds down a snow-covered road.
Now that Regina finally has snow, maybe people can actually go sledding? planet_fox via Pixabay

Making the most of getting out and about this winter 

Getting outside and being active is good for your mental and physical health. This winter, get outside and experience all of the different activities and programs Regina has to offer. These include parks to walk through and admire, walking paths to explore with friends, and recreation facilities that offer year-round classes and programs.  

The City of Regina has a large number of parks that are open to the public, and they usually have a play structure, walking or biking paths, green spaces, and more. A new improvement in some of the parks are the community fire pits which were brought in during the Spring of 2023.  

The community fire pits are in five different parks around the city: Gocki Park, Les Sherman Park, Mount Pleasant Sports Park, Ruth M. Buck Park, and Regent Park. These fire pits offer a great way to warm up in the winter months after playing out in the cold.  

Not only that, but the City of Regina also offers dog parks for community members to enjoy with their pets. You can check out which parks are all-season and which are seasonal dog parks on the City of Regina website.  

Seasonal dog parks are open from May 1 to September 30 each year. This is because, during their off-season, the dog parks may be used for a different service. However, the City of Regina has lots of dog parks year-round, and some dog parks even have little dog sections for the smaller breeds to enjoy without an owner worrying about larger dogs. 

If you would like to enjoy winter activities during the winter months, don’t worry. Regina has a great deal of ice rinks and arenas to enjoy during this coldest of seasons. The outdoor skating rinks offer a great way to stay active outside for free, but you will need to bring your own skates. If you check out the City of Regina website, under “Outdoor Skating Rinks,” you can find a list of all the different outdoor skating rinks. Unless they are booked, the outdoor rinks operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

Regina has outdoor spaces that are not only for recreation but also have some great recreation facilities that are open to the public. If you check out the City of Regina website, under “Leisure Guide,” you can see that the city has six different locations where leisure activities are offered. Activities can include programs and classes, and each location has different options. The Sandra Schmirler website offers a public pool, a gym, and a library. Their full guide can be found on their website.  

The Sportplex, containing both the Lawson Aquatic Centre and the Fieldhouse, has a wider variety of activities and services. These include a walking track, tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, classrooms, a pool, diving towers, a sauna, and plenty of other amenities. Information on the Sportplex and hours can be found in the “Recreation Facilities” section of the City of Regina website. 

These recreation facilities are a great way to stay active all year long, but you must pay a fee or buy a pass. The City of Regina website lists prices for passes under the “Leisure Passes and Fees” section. The prices differ based on age and how often you would like to attend. For instance, an adult can pay a drop-in fee of $6.98, a drop-in fee for 20 uses at $118.66, or a one-month pass for $56.88. 

Not only do the recreation facilities offer a great way to stay active, but most of the recreation facilities offer low-cost and free programs. These low-cost and free programs can be found in the City of Regina pamphlet. To join the programs, visit the City of Regina website to fill out a form or chat with a staff member at 307-777-PLAY (7529).  Some of the programs offered include an adapted music program, inclusive dance classes, fitness and health programs, wellness yoga, and women’s only swimming. Be aware that programs can fill up quickly, so be sure to sign up right away if there’s a program that interests you. 

One common thing that individuals might visit the City of Regina’s website for is to learn about swimming lessons offered by the Lifesaving Society in their Swim for Life program. The Swim for Life program is a great program meant to ensure children are able to swim so that in the event of an emergency, they will be able to save themselves and not require assistance. Suppose you want to enrol your child in swimming lessons to continue or begin to learn. In that case, you can check out the Swim for Life Aquatic Registration information posted on the City of Regina website.  

Recently, the City of Regina’s swimming lessons provider was changed from the Red Cross to the Life Saving Society. Due to this switch, they have created a pamphlet to look at and compare the names of the swim levels so you know how to register your child properly. For example, if your child is 5 years of age and recently had completed “Crocodile” at the Red Cross or “Surfers” at the YMCA, then you should register for Swimmer 1 with the Lifesaving Society. If you are unsure where your child may be in skill level, feel free to talk to a staff member or a lifeguard next time you are at a public pool.  

The City of Regina has plenty of ways to enable you to stay active in the winter months, whether it is making snow angels outside and warming up near a fire pit or signing up for a program to enjoy as part of the community.  



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