Newsbreak – Feb. 10, 2011


Rain and cold weather make car crashes during a cold Saskatchewan winter almost commonplace. But an accident in downtown Regina on Feb. 1 stood out from the rest. Early in the morning, an SUV crashed into the Viterra building on Albert St. It seems that this is one accident that can’t be blamed on the weather, though. Police report that the driver had run a red light, and alcohol might have been a factor.




It’s the most-watched sporting event in the world, who wouldn’t be nervous? For any singer, being asked to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl is a big honour. This year, that honour went to Christina Aguilera. The pop star messed up the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner”.  As Deion Sanders later explained on Twitter, Aguilera was just showcasing the new, “remixed” version.








Stephen Harper’s library won’t be filling up as regularly anymore. Yann Martel’s “What is Stephen Harper Reading” campaign ended Feb. 2. For the last four years, the author sent the prime minister a new book every two weeks, along with letters written with varying degrees of snark. After sending 100 books and writing a book about the project, Martel was satisified with the number, and his two-person book club is now over.



Money for nothing and your Internet for free. The Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Council [CRTC] recently ruled large companies like Bell could charge smaller Internet service providers for Internet usage if users exceeded download limits – the costs of which would be passed to the consumer. Public and government outcry about the decision cause the CRTC to blink; the decision is currently under review.

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