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author: nathan mccarville | sports writer

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Cougars happy with how USPORTS basketball championship turned out

Taking a good look at how everything turned out for the University of Regina hosting the U SPORTS national championship games at our very own Center for Kinesiology and Sport, I think it can be summed up as “pretty darn good.” I don’t think it’s something up for argument that the women’s basketball team is among the top most successful teams of this season, and having the National Championships here in Regina for everyone to see the team play their best was a privilege that cannot be overlooked.

The championship drew people from all over the city as well as from all over Canada to see their own teams play, creating an environment of excitement, fair play, and cheering for either side on the court whether they hailed from Regina or hundreds of kilometers away. In all, the tournament never declined in excitement, but for the disappointment in not being able to see Cougars in the Final game of the championship and the final game played in this basketball season. Every team gave it their all, resulting in a spectacle to be beheld.

So, what was it like to hold such an event? The organizers spared nothing in making it a smoothly ran event with entertainment outside of the gym and concessions for everyone who had worked up a thirst while cheering during any of the games. Though every game can be said to have been exciting, none made the crowd go as wild as when the Cougars were on the court. The Cougars games against Laval and then Saskatchewan clearly illustrated what the home team advantage was. Encouraging and exciting for the Cougars, it could be brutal for whatever team they were facing. The amount of cheering and enthusiasm made the championship everything it was supposed to be, contributing it’s own little bit to the women’s basketball history and legacy.

The ending results for the Cougars can’t take away from the experience of the championship or from the amazement that everyone experienced on the sidelines of the games. The championship had come to an end, and the teams have finished their sport for the season, ending it on a championship to remember, setting a standard for next year’s nationals and for every sports fan that took part in attending the championship for university basketball tournaments. For now, it’s the end of basketball for the year, but what next year will bring in terms of the excitement of a year-ending tournament is yet to be decided.

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