Music review – Switchfoot: Vice Verses


Vice Verses
Atlantic Records

Vice Verses is here – although some confusion at the record store that I’m going to blame on Warner Music Group led to the record not being physically available yet. Since it’s been two years since the last Switchfoot record, you can probably imagine how much I’d freaked out. I would have started crying right there in the store, but then the cute guy behind the counter would think I was a freak.

But, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I was able to rush home and download it, and I’m totally satisfied with what I heard. Each track introduces a unique mix of genres and a collaboration of new and old sounds.

Their first dabble into rap appears in the track “Selling the News”. It’s a new approach for them, and they were able to make it work. Being the strong lyricists that they are, they managed to incorporate an urban edge to their still-powerful messages. 

Overall, it was worth the wait. Even though Vice Verses is Switchfoot’s eighth studio album, it comes as a fresh reminder that the band is amazing and shows no signs of letting up.

Megan Narsing

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