Music review – SHINee: Lucifer (Japanese version)


Lucifer (Japanese Version)
SM Entertainment
EMI Music Japan

Since the beginning of this year, Korea-based band SHINee have been branching out to the Japanese market. Starting in June, they began releasing their songs, originally recorded in Korean, as Japanese remakes. Considering this is the original band covering its own songs, it’s not as brutal as it could have been.  Their previous two Japanese albums Juliette and Replay were quite successful, but Lucifer hit a small snag.

Some songs and albums should be left in their original language, with the original concept and idea behind them. This is definitely one of those albums. The group themselves did everything they could to make it work, but for most listening it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t very good either. Mostly, it was just kind of middling.

The boys still hold fast to their bold clothing, strong dance moves, and fierce expressions, but overall, it’s the sound that’s turning people off. I recommend if you already own the original Lucifer album from Korea, stick with that. I’m sure they’ll have some new Korean music that we can spend our money on later.

Megan Narsing

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