BRIEF: NDP Promises Tuition Freeze


During a press conference in the University of Regina’s Language Institute this morning, NDP leader Dwain Lingenfelter unveiled his party’s post-secondary platform for the Nov. 7 election. The linchpin of the platform is a tuition freeze for post-secondary students in the province, including those attending SIAST. “Electing an NDP government means students in 2015 will pay the same tuition at our universities and SIAST campuses as they do today,” Lingenfelter said.

In a news release following the announcement, the NDP outlined the rest of their post-secondary platform:

Along with the fully funded tuition freeze, the NDP’s post-secondary education platform includes:

  • Raising the maximum allowable family income level for student loans.
  • Establishing a relocation subsidy for students moving for their studies.
  • Increasing training opportunities at all post-secondary institutions by 10,000 in four years
  • Enhancing distance-learning infrastructure.
  • Investing in on-reserve and remote location course offerings.
  • Expanding regional college opportunities for certificates, diplomas and degree credit courses.
  • Extending the income tax tuition rebates to Masters and PhD students.
  • Funding 100 new graduate student bursaries.

The Sask Party is yet to respond; today, Sask Party leader Brad Wall announced a proposed expansion of the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability.


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