Music review – Lady Antebellum: Own the Night


Lady Antebellum
Own the Night
Capitol Records

“Lady Antebellum’s truth is in the music” reads the band’s press release for their latest album Own the Night. Well, if the truth is in the music, then the truth is this music sucks. From the bright, twangy country sound, to the fact that nearly every single song on the album ends with the band repeating the title of their song ad nauseum, this album is doomed to constant radio play because it is so vapid and inoffensive that no one could possibly be offended by it – that is, unless they have a shred of good taste.

Although some people might enjoy this type of music, it is hard to find any redeeming qualities in this rather mellow 47 minutes of content that neither pushes the bounds of music nor tells any story worth telling. The title is also quite a misnomer. Own the Night will not drive you out to take charge of your night, rather, it will make you fall asleep by 8 p.m. along with all the senior citizens that love the safe sounds Lady Antebellum produces. Own the Night sounds like a promise that your night will be filled with fun and wild times, but that promise is something Lady Antebellum did not and probably cannot ever deliver on.

This album seems to stay well within the territory of safe music, a placeholder in the music community to reassure us that Lady Antebellum still exists, rather than an album that might revolutionize music or open Lady Antebellum to a larger audience.

Edward Dodd
Op-Ed Editor

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