A modern Donald


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A modern Donald

Donald Duck was a staple of our childhood. He was one of, if not the greatest, Disney character of all time. And what was it that we liked about Donald so much? Could we relate to him, or was he just so different from everyone else that it added a certain unique underdog type of personality? Disney created a character that displayed an extreme lack of knowledge when he spoke and a very short temper. So I think I find it so fascinating that what entertained people for decades in history, is once again entertaining them in modern day. Only this time it’s not a fictional character, it’s another Donald – one who puts on a suit every morning and gets to call himself the President of the United States.  

Since 2015, we have had front row seating to Donald Trump’s “intelligence.” We’ve seen everything from attacks on fellow politicians, to petty fights with journalists. He even has the unconditional support of the white supremacists of America. So it should come as a surprise to nobody when it’s revealed he is at the forefront of what could be the biggest political scandal in American history. His suspected involvement in the Russian election tampering has caused many to call for his impeachment, that he betrayed his own nation.  

However, have we asked ourselves what would really happen if Trump was impeached? I mean, for starters, we would see his name disgraced in American history books, he would probably lose quite a bit of business with many different nations, and he might go to prison. As nice as that all sounds, though, the grass won’t necessarily get all that greener for the home of the brave. His tax policies have actually caused major banks in the States to hike up their minimum wages due to large savings, and the U.S. manufacturing industry has seen a dramatic boost in employment and production. Lastly, America has to look at who would step into the role should Trump be impeached – and unfortunately, that person would be Mike Pence.Why should that scare you? Because Mike has always been up to no good. In his time in politics, he has signed extremely restrictive abortion laws, and ran foundations that stomp on the 2SLGBTQIA+ community’s rights. The foundation he ran (Indiana Policy Review Foundation) argued that unmarried women should be denied birth control. He is a Christian, Conservative, and a Republican – in that order – and leverages each one of those titles to execute his dirty agenda. Corporate America is in his pockets, and with that he has the power to send us back to the Stone Age with his policies. 

So, citizens of America, you’ve got a big decision to make. I’m not going to judge your country based on what you do. However, if it was up to me, I would probably let Donald Duck quack his way through the rest of his term rather then see George Bush’s clone step into the big role. 




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