Look both ways


Jonathan Hamelin
Sports Editor

These days, students or guests to the University of Regina need to look both ways before crossing the pedestrian crosswalk between Lot 15 and the Riddell Centre.

It is not guaranteed they will safely make it to the other side.

Impatient drivers have made the crosswalk dangerous and are putting people’s lives at risk. The main problem is drivers trying to zoom over the crosswalk before someone has the chance to walk across. I have seen cars drive through when someone is nearly halfway across the street. People will often have to stop to let a car go through.

This should not be happening. It should be the cars, not pedestrians that have to yield at a pedestrian crosswalk. Crazy logic, I know.

I don’t know what these drivers are rushing for. Do they really want to get to class that badly? Are they late for work? Or are they just inconsiderate assholes that don’t have the self-control to wait for someone to cross the street?

In all reality, it might take a driver 30 seconds to wait for everyone to cross the street before they drive. Who doesn’t have the time to wait 30 seconds?

All of this crazy driving is going to lead to someone getting hurt or possibly killed. Last winter, I saw someone come to a screeching stop an inch away from knocking a pedestrian onto the ground. Earlier this semester, I witnessed a man driving by the crosswalk talking to someone next to him while there was a girl walking across the crosswalk. The man appeared to slow down, but suddenly sped up and bumped the girl. Luckily, she was not directly in front of the car and was not apparently hurt. If she had taken another step she could have been seriously injured.

Unfortunately, it may just take someone dying before people realize how important it is to stop and wait before they drive across the crosswalk.

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